Rising Covid-19 Cases Expected With Eased Measures, No Evidence It’s A New Wave: Ong Ye Kung

No Evidence That Singapore Is Experiencing A New Wave As Cases Are Not Doubling Every Few Days

While many of us are still relishing in the newfound freedom that came with the eased measures, our daily Covid-19 cases have been slowly increasing.

Just yesterday (11 May), Singapore reported 3,716 new infections, the highest number in a day since 20 Apr.

Addressing some concerns, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung took to Facebook to clarify that the rise in Covid-19 cases is expected in light of the recent easing of measures.

However, Mr Ong said there’s no evidence of a new wave as cases are not doubling every few days.

Ong Ye Kung says no evidence of new wave despite recent surge in cases

On Thursday (12 May), Mr Ong penned a Facebook post to address concerns over the recent surge in Covid-19 cases.

According to him, some members of the public had written in to express concern. Others also wondered if the increase in cases will lead to changes to existing Covid-19 measures.

In the post, Mr Ong assured residents that the surge in cases is expected due to the easing of measures in late April.

However, cases are not doubling every few days, which indicates that we’re not dealing with a new wave.

Most importantly, our hospitals and ICUs are apparently not seeing a rise in severe Covid-19 cases. Most infected individuals only have mild symptoms and are able to recover “uneventfully” at home.

Should be able to see through surge without adjustments to measures

As for our safe management measures (SMM), Mr Ong said Singapore should be able to see through this surge in cases without having to make adjustments.

This is thanks to our high vaccination rate and recovered patients, which give Singapore greater resilience to the virus.

Mr Ong, however, warned residents not to let their guards down as things could change rapidly, if say, a new variant were to emerge.

Important not to let our guard down

It’s only natural for members of the public to feel concerned about the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases.

We’re hence heartened by the Health Minister’s assurance that things are not spiralling out of control and that there is no evidence to suggest we’re facing a new wave of cases.

In any case, we hope everyone will continue to be vigilant and not take things lightly as they go about their daily activities.

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