Dee Kosh Now Removed Entirely From NOC Website, Decision Requested By His Managers

NOC Requested By Dee Kosh’s Management To Drop Him From Service

Earlier today, viewers of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) noticed that the local production company had apparently removed Dee Kosh from their video bylines.

The move raised eyebrows, since Dee Kosh – whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy – was frequently featured in their videos.

Fans with sharp eyes also took note that the 32-year-old radio DJ – now knee-deep in controversy – was no longer listed as ‘partner’ on NOC’s website.

Dee Kosh Disappears From NOC Video Bylines, Removed As Partner From Website

There’ll be no more question marks after this, as NOC has finally issued a public statement to clarify their stance with Dee Kosh and their working relationship.

Apparently, it was Dee Kosh’s management who requested NOC to release him from all professional services related to their company.

Currently, Dee Kosh’s name is nowhere to be found on NOC’s About Us page.

NOC received request from Dee Kosh’s management

On Wednesday (19 Aug) night, NOC released their statement regarding the Dee Kosh saga on their Facebook page.


They explained that they received a request from Dee Kosh’s management to release him from “any professional service engagement” with NOC.

We can confirm that he has no outstanding or ongoing projects with NOC at present.

In the meantime, future collaborations with Dee Kosh have been put on hold indefinitely.

Clarifies ‘partner’ stance

NOC cleared the air regarding the dropping of Dee Kosh’s ‘partner’ title, saying that he is neither a shareholder nor business partner with the company.

However, he was engaged on a freelance basis for their ‘Food King’ programme.

The use of the term ‘partner’ on NOC’s About Us page was meant to highlight his contribution as a host on ‘Food King’.


However, he was never a legal partner of the business.

Carried out internal investigations

In an attempt to ensure the staff’s safety and welfare, NOC said they have just completed a company-wide investigation across all 37 crew and 24 talents.

We can confirm that in accordance with the results of our investigations, Dee Kosh has not made any sexual advances towards any NOC staff.

They went on to say that,

If Dee Kosh had indeed comitted any such acts in his personal life, these were not reflected in his work with us.

In the meantime, they urge the public to give the parties involved some space and respect, as their thoughts and hearts are with all who have been hurt by these incidents.

Is this Dee end?

Now that NOC’s stance with Dee Kosh is clear, we wonder how will their working relationship play out now, since all future collaborations have been postponed.

In the meantime, we applaud NOC for prioritising their staff’s safety by carrying out an internal investigation after the allegations surfaced.

What are your thoughts of the latest development? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Night Owl Cinematics on Instagram.

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