S’pore DJ Dee Kosh On Leave As Lawyers Withdraw From Alleged Sexual Harassment Case

Dee Kosh ‘On Leave’ From Power 98 FM After Sexual Harassment Allegations Surface

Those who keep up with trending topics on social media would know that the name Dee Kosh has been floating around the Internet lately.

The radio DJ and YouTuber is no stranger to public scrutiny, having featured in numerous videos and pulled off viral ‘social experiments‘.


The latest gossip fodder, unfortunately, may be taking a hit on his career after new developments indicate that they might be true.

Allegedly asked for sexual favours under guise of job offers

It all began when Instagram user @_epaul shared screenshots of his text exchanges with Dee Kosh late Saturday night (15 Aug).

He has since deleted the posts, but Hype and Stuff managed to obtain some screenshots.


Claiming that the YouTuber had tried to lure him into performing sexual favours under the guise of recruitment for his channel, the teenager described his experience in great detail.

The revelation prompted several others who allegedly had similar encounters before to come forward with their own accounts.


Some posted screenshots of messages in which Dee Kosh apparently came across as “overly-friendly”, despite his claims of approaching the young men for professional purposes.


Denied allegations & engaged legal help

After such posts circulated on the Internet and gained significant traction, Dee Kosh himself took to his Instagram story to address the rumours.

Acknowledging that he was aware of them, he denied all the allegations and declared that he would “clear this all up.”


He even engaged lawyers from DC Law, who issued a cease and desist letter demanding @_epaul to remove his “defamatory” posts and abstain from publishing more, as well as provide evidence of the above actions.


The legal demand didn’t faze @_epaul, however, who posted it in full with the caption, “against all odds, we will continue the fight”. View his post via the link here to read the complete letter.

Goes on leave as lawyers withdraw from case

Things took an interesting turn today (17 Aug) when Coconuts Singapore reported that Dee Kosh went on leave from his work at Power 98 FM.


The radio station reportedly confirmed the news in a statement saying that,

POWER 98 does not tolerate any form of harassment. Dee Kosh is currently on leave.

Dee Kosh has been hosting the 9pm to midnight show, Up All Night.

On the same day, Coconuts Singapore also discovered that the lawyers representing him have withdrawn from the case.

This, after they contacted DC Law and were denied comments from one of the lawyers named in the letter, who said they “no longer act for Dee Kosh.”

No foreseeable closure to Dee Kosh harassment case yet

As rumours continue to swirl online, there seems to be no foreseeable end to the case yet.

Dee Kosh has gone quiet on social media in the past 2 days, likely to sort out the situation privately.

Until he or anyone representing him comes forward with a public statement, we won’t know what the final verdict will be. Till then, let’s withhold our judgments and let the concerned parties settle the matter among themselves.

What are your takes on the saga? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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