NOC Company Office Listed For Sale, Co-Founder Ryan Shares His Surprise After Finding Out

NOC Office At Yishun Apparently Listed For Sale On CommercialGuru

UPDATE (15 Oct, 4.40pm): The listing appears to have been removed after our article was published.

Since earlier this month, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) co-founder Sylvia Chan has come under the spotlight for several distasteful comments against her employees.

NOC Co-Founder Sylvia Allegedly Caught Using Abusive Language Towards Staff In Leaked Audio

But that isn’t the only major development surrounding NOC, as their office premise appears to have been listed for sale.

Listed 1 week ago, the 3,940 sq ft office in Yishun is apparently going for $1.1million on property site CommercialGuru.


In response to MS News, NOC co-founder Ryan Tan said he was surprised upon discovering the listing.

NOC office allegedly listed for $1.1 million

Though the listing in question did not include any details about it being NOC’s office, there were several giveaway signs.

For one, the property’s address was clearly advertised as being at 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1 — which matches NOC’s registered address on the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’s (ACRA) website.

Source 1, Source 2

The listing also stated that the property is on the ground floor, which again, matches the address on ACRA’s website.


The floor size stated in the listing is also close to what was described in one of NOC’s video tours of the office.


Kitchen in listing looks exactly like the one featured in NOC video tour

The pictures included in the listing also closely resemble the footage shown on NOC’s office tour videos.

The red brick background and the Secretlab chairs pictured in the listings are almost carbon copies of those seen in NOC’s videos.

Source 1, Source 2

But arguably the most straightforward clue lies in the kitchen shot. Here’s how it looks on the property site versus what’s in NOC’s video.

Source 1, Source 2

At first glance, nothing seems amiss with the kitchen pictured in the listing. However, upon closer inspection, most will notice a familiar logo peeking from behind the cartoonish clock.


According to NOC’s videos, the media company moved into the office, which reportedly cost them $1 million, sometime in Nov 2017.

The CommercialGuru listing can be found here. More photos of NOC’s office are available here.

Ryan “surprised” to learn about office listing

In response to MS News’ queries, NOC co-founder Ryan Tan said he was “surprised” when his staff forwarded the listing to him.

However, as he has not been involved in NOC’s matters since May 2021, he said, “There was really nothing for me to do”.

Given that Ryan only learned about the listing amidst the ongoing saga, his concern continues to be on other matters and individuals he cared about.

Here’s Ryan’s statement in full:

I heard rumours from property agents that NOC had listed their office for sale. But there are many unsubstantiated and mostly untrue rumours about NOC or me, and I would usually dismiss them.

So yes, I was surprised when one of my members of staff from Reno King sent me the listing. But I’ve not been involved in the company since May 2021 so there was really nothing for me to do. Also, I learnt about the listing during the ongoing controversy, and there were other things on my mind and people who I was, and continue to be, concerned about.

Just like many others out there, I am, naturally, sad about how things are turning out. I spent many good years in NOC and I hope they pull through.

MS News has reached out to NOC and Sylvia for a statement and will update this article when they get back.

A rather coincidental listing

Though the timing of the listing and the recent saga is rather coincidental, it remains to be seen if both events are linked.

At the end of the day, we hope both Sylvia and NOC will see through the storm they’re in and that all parties will be able to settle their differences amicably.

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Featured image adapted from CommercialGuru

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