Drinkable Soft-Serve That Costs $2 Now Available At Lawson

Japanese convenience shops are widely known to have cheap, delicious and instant food, selling everything from ramen to bento boxes.

Recently, Lawson, a Japanese convenience store chain, released a new product that’s garnered quite a bit of attention: a drinkable soft-serve ice cream.

According to JapanToday, Lawson launched a drinkable soft-serve dessert on Tuesday (29 Oct), pricing it at ~S$2 (¥173).


Dessert uses condensed milk from Machimura Farm

The drinkable dessert is called “Nomu Soft Cream”, which literally translates into “drinkable soft cream”.

It is made with condensed milk from the famous 100-year-old Machimura Farm, which sells its own range of soft-serves.

Machimura Farm’s soft-serve ice cream

In February, Lawson launched a similar dessert called Machimura Farm Milk Cocoa that was sold out in 4 weeks. Its overwhelming popularity could the reason they’re collaborating with Machimura Farm again.

Do note that the calorie count for this drink is pretty high, at 154kcal per 190ml. That is roughly 1.5 times the calories of a can of Coca Cola, which has about 45kcal per 100ml.


Reviews for the Nomu Soft Cream

Given that their previous collaboration with Machiruma Farm was so overwhelmingly well-received, the Nomu Soft Cream had much to live up to.

Many Japanese who have tried the dessert claim that it tastes no different from a milkshake, and that “Nomu Soft-serve” is just a fancy name.

Yet others have said they would prefer to get an actual soft-serve at that price.


One online site Gigazine.net, states that the texture of the dessert is smooth and has a tinge of vanilla scent to it.

However, the reviewer warns that if you don’t have a sweet tooth, the drink may be hard to finish at one go.

Expectations may vary among people

The Japanese love their soft-serves, and their expectations may differ from Singaporeans who enjoy Hershey’s cones from McDonald’s.


On that note, if you are heading to Japan to celebrate hitting your end-of-year KPI, drop by a neighbourhood Lawson to try this controversial drinkable soft-serve dessert for yourself.

Featured image adapted from FineArtAmerica & Gigazine.