NTUC FairPrice $3.99 Delivery Fee Helps Organisations Like Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home & Touch Community Service

During this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, many Singaporeans are choosing to do their grocery shopping online to beat long queues at supermarkets.

With massive demand for the service, NTUC FairPrice is re-introducing a $3.99 service fee for online purchases.


This additional fee is directed to a great cause, as FairPrice is pledging to donate a matching amount to local charities.

$3.99 online service fee

Customers who opt for online grocery services have to fork out a $3.99 service fee from Thursday (16 Apr) 8pm onwards, according to a media release by FairPrice.

This is on top of a delivery charge that varies according to how much you buy.

According to FairPrice Group CEO Mr Seah Kian Peng, the $3.99 can only “partially cover” logistical aspects of the service.


While it is indeed some sian news for those who frequently shop for groceries online, this fee is absolutely necessary to meet the growing demands islandwide.

Raise up to $500,000

Furthermore, you are doing something good by paying a little extra for your shopping.

FairPrice is donating a matching amount raised from service fees to local charities helping needy individuals.


This includes Metta Welfare Association, Assisi Hospice, Touch Community Services and Food from the Heart.

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, a nursing facility previously identified as a Covid-19 cluster, is also one of the beneficiaries.


As charities are facing dwindling donations during this critical period, this $500,000 is going to be extremely helpful for them.

Delivery slots to be spaced out

FairPrice is trying their best to ensure all customers can benefit during this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

Not only did they increase the number of delivery slots, they are also hiring more employees to help raise online capacity, according to a FairPrice Facebook post.


If you still couldn’t get a slot over the past week, this is some pretty good news. Delivery slots are now released periodically, meaning there is a much higher chance of securing a space.

Be understanding

In a bid to satisfy Singaporeans’ needs amidst Covid-19, FairPrice is introducing these new measures to improve operations.

Though this service fee might not be ideal for customers, let’s try to understand the limitations of our essential services.

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