S’pore Husband Holds Nurse Wife’s Hand In Public Despite Coronavirus Scare To Show Support

Husband of Nurse Holds Her Hand In Public & Urged Singaporeans To Support Tired Healthcare Staff

In light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, an increasing amount of Singaporeans will siam when they see a fellow MRT commuter sneezing or coughing.


This is likely attributed to the spread of the novel coronavirus in Singapore.

However, people are not just avoiding those with unhygienic habits, but also those donning hospital staff uniforms.

On Monday (10 Feb), a Singaporean husband named Mr Yeo took to Facebook to share how proud he is of his wife — who works as a nurse at a local hospital.


He also urged Singaporeans not to avoid them and instead embrace them to express our gratitude.


Commuters allegedly avoided nurse on MRT

In the post, Mr Yeo claims MRT commuters have been giving his wife, Ms Peng a huge physical gap of late whenever she boards the train with her uniform.

As nurses and doctors work closely with patients, they might be at a higher risk of infection.

Hospital staff in Tan Tock Seng Hospital

This could be a source of fear for Singaporeans, which might be informing their actions to avoid those wearing hospital uniforms.

She even felt the urge to change out of her uniform recently, so as to not alarm others.

Husband proudly holds her hand

In order to show his support, Mr Yeo is holding her hand in public more often, especially when she is in uniform.

This is to show fellow Singaporeans that there is no need to shun away from nurses and doctors.


While their chance of getting infected might be higher, they are also taking extra precautions to take care of themselves.

Mr Yeo believes that rather than creating distance, we should be embracing healthcare professionals who are fighting hard on the frontlines.

Mr Yeo is proud of his wife’s profession and hopes that others can show more appreciation for their hard work.

Furthermore, this couple did a commendable act not too long ago. Inviting the homeless to their wedding reception, their heartwarming gesture shows their love for their community.

S’porean Couple Welcomes Homeless To Wedding & Treats Them To A Heavenly Feast


Once again, they come together to encourage more love around them.

With the hashtag #Hugadoctortoday, Mr Yeo urges all the loved ones of our nurses and doctors to show more support and affection.


Be it through accompanying them for a meal or buying them a cup of kopi, our little actions can be a great motivating force for them.

In this tough time, we need to hold the hands of those around us tighter and show our hospital staff more love.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Daniel Bowen

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