NUS Girl Breaks Up With ‘Loner’ BF & Shares Her Reason On NUSWhispers Facebook Page

Relationships are a complicated thing.

While you’re enjoying the lovey dovey stage of life, being in a relationship also means learning more about each other — the good parts, and the imperfections.

For one girl from National University of Singapore (NUS), she had a tough time coming to terms with her boyfriend who apparently, prefers to keep a close-knit circle. He only keeps in touch with her and her family members — no friends.

She decided to break up and posted a confession about it on the NUSWhispers Facebook page — an independent platform for NUS students to share their everyday stories.


In the post dated Thursday (19 Dec), the NUS girl confessed that she’s worried for him because of guilt, as she finds loneliness a difficult thing.

Here’s the lowdown on her relationship drama.

Meets friends only 5 times in 2 years

For some context, the couple had known each other for 2 years and been in a relationship for a year.

However, during their 2 years spent together, she testified that this guy only went out with his friends and cousin a total of 5 times:

  • 3 dinners with his Junior College friends
  • One dinner with his primary school friend
  • Another dinner with his cousin.

Adding on to that, the girl noted that upon opening his WhatsApp, she was very surprised to find out that the only people her beau texted were her and his family.

She said,

He can go weeks without anyone other than me and his fam talking to him.

Boyfriend prefers to gym & play FIFA alone

At this day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to find a workout buddy, or at least, a buddy who would be down to game with you.


But for the NUS girl’s boyfriend, there was apparently no need for that. She shared that this guy works out alone everyday, watches football, and even plays FIFA alone.

Despite her efforts in asking him to jio his friends for a hangout, the guy simply enjoys being in his own bubble.

It was then, she couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to break up with him.

How did he manage to get a GF then?

At this point, you might be wondering how the guy managed to get a girlfriend if he was this introverted.

According to the girl, this guy had “so much time on his hands” that he was always there for her and showed up at every impromptu lunch.  He even replied to every text “at whatever time”.

But now that they have parted ways, this girl expressed that she can’t help but worry about him.

She feels that a person can’t grow by being alone. To her, a person grows by interacting with others – talking, sharing, giving – and being around people.


Upon asking if he felt happy in the recent years, he simply replied,

No. I feel peaceful and that’s enough for me.

Is having the preference for being alone such a bad thing?

However, as this is just a one-sided account posted on NUSWhispers, it leaves us with a couple questions. Is it bad for a person’s growth if they prefer to spend time by themselves?

Are people who love being alone, lonely?

Socialising might not be important for people who love their alone time – otherwise labelled as ‘loners’ – this can serve as a healing mechanism for them.

But, to what extent is being alone considered unhealthy? What would you have done if you were in the girl’s shoes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Elite Daily and Facebook. Cover image used is purely for illustration purposes only.