Man Trespasses Into NUS Hostel Room & Steals Woman’s Sex Toy, Faces Up To 7 Years’ Jail

Man Trespasses Into Student’s NUS Hostel Room, Steals Sex Toy & Sends Her Lewd Messages

Besides its reputation as a top-ranked university, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has been plagued by a series of scandals in recent years.


Recently, a similar case came to light. In 2019, a male NUS graduate returned to the school and trespassed into a female student’s hostel room.

He then stole a sex toy from her room and sent her lewd messages on Telegram.

The man now faces up to 9 months’ jail for trespassing and using insulting words intending to cause alarm, and up to 7 years’ jail for theft.

Got to know the girl via Instagram

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the man got to know the NUS female student through Instagram when he was still studying there.

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Finding the woman attractive, he followed her public Instagram account.

From there, he found out that she stayed in a hostel on campus and decided to locate her room.

When he saw the woman’s posts depicting that she was overseas, he saw his opportunity.

Man stole sex toy from NUS student’s hostel room

A year after his graduation from NUS, the man revisited the campus some time between 3 Jan and 9 Jan 2019.

He tailgated a student to gain access to the hostel, according to The Straits Times (ST).

Having stayed at a hostel himself, he knew most students leave their rooms unlocked and often have their names displayed on their room doors.

After wandering around, the man found and entered the woman’s room, which was not locked.

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He rummaged through her personal belongings, including her lingerie.

The man then chanced upon a vibrator in a drawer. Feeling sexually aroused, he took it and left.

When the woman returned and realised her vibrator was gone, she merely assumed she misplaced it.

Sent lewd messages

On 18 Jul 2019, after finding out that the woman was at work through her Instagram, the man returned to the hostel, intending to return the vibrator.

However, in her room, he found 2 new sex toys.

The man then returned the vibrator he stole and took a photo of the items, reported CNA. He also snapped a picture of the woman’s resume before leaving.

4 days later, the man contacted the woman on Telegram using her Instagram handle.

He sent her lewd messages, propositioning that they could be friends with benefits since he already knew her “dirty little secret”.

Throughout their correspondence, he used the moniker “Bobby”.

The woman did not reply but later returned to her room to find her previously missing sex toys.

Alarmed and fearful, she reported the incident to NUS campus security and lodged a police report.

Faces up to 7 years’ jail

CNA reports that the man now faces up to 3 months’ jail and/or a $1,500 fine for criminal trespass and another 6 months’ jail, and/or $5,000 fine for using insulting words to cause alarm.

Additionally, he could also face up to 7 years’ jail if charged for theft, according to ST.

He will be sentenced on 7 May.

Hope hostels will become safer space for students

To have a stranger invade your privacy in such a blatant manner must have been a frightening experience.

Hopefully, the man’s sentencing will bring the victim some form of consolation.

The incident also shows the importance of having stricter security at school hostels, so that students who call these places home can feel secure.

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