Omoté Sushiro Has $10 Signature Dishes On 21 Dec

Many of us know Sushiro for their intricate dishes that stunningly present the decadence and magic of Japanese cuisine. If you’ve ever been a fan, we’ve got news for you!

Omote Sushiro is offering $10 all-day on their signature dishes! And, yes, this deal is very real.

The famous restaurant relocated to a more spacious establishment, and they’re having their Grand Opening and 3rd Anniversary this Friday (21 Dec).


To celebrate these milestones, they’ll tone down the price on these signature dishes:

1. Omoté Chirashi Don

Most Japanese restaurants are judged by their chirashi dons because it reveals the quality of their fish and rice, and Sushiro seems to score 5-stars in this category.

Their signature Omote Chirashi Don has sticky white rice and assorted pieces of diced fish. It literally looks like a jewel thanks to the very shiny fish roe on top. Of course, you might hesitate eating because you’re too busy marvelling at this spectacle.


2. Salmon Mentaiyaki Don

Salmon has always been a classic high-end ingredient in many Japanese dishes, so it’s no surprise that Sushiro offers a luxurious Salmon Mentaiyaki Don.

Their huge slab of salmon is grilled to tender perfection and generously coated with a layer of mentaiko sauce. It’s so good, the picture alone is making us salivate.


3. Kyoto Glazed Duck Don

The char-grilled glazed duck looks oh so tempting. We can only imagine how it’ll taste mixed with the pearly white rice slathered in a fresh egg yolk.


4. Tokyo Gyuniku Don

Chow down on this Tokyo Gyuniku Don which boasts of thinly sliced chunks of tender beef. We’re really excited to mix the onsen egg in the bowl and savor its silky texture.


Prepare for long queues

As you much as you want to dine in Sushiro all-the-time, you know that their dining experiences aren’t complete without a long wait, so get ready for very long queues.

We’re eagerly waiting for an update about their new location but you can contact them on Facebook and be first in line.

Make sure to bring a friend along to make the wait a little bearable, it’s easier to stay sane when you’re sharing the excitement with your best pals.

Website: Omote Facebook
Operating Hours: 11:45am-2:15pm, 5:45pm-9:15pm
Location: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #01-22/30
Singapore (Last updated on Facebook)

Featured image from Facebook.