NTUC FairPrice Now Has Oreo Music Box That Plays You Music

Raise your hands if you absolutely love a good ol’ Oreo cookie. Now raise your other hand if you’re a fan of music. If you found yourself agreeing to both statements, this news will interest you: the Oreo Music Box is now available in Singapore.


Song changes with every bite you take

Each Oreo cookie plays a different song when placed on the music box. Place an Oreo cookie onto the music box and the music will start playing.


Plus, because the cookie is supposed to function as a vinyl, the music changes every time you take a bite from it.

The Box does more than play random songs — it can also record messages for your loved ones. This makes a unique Christmas present for your loved ones, as they’ll be able to munch on some Oreos as they listen to a message that’s specially for their ears.

To do so, you can follow the user guide here.


Comes with different types of Oreo cookies

Upon purchasing the box, you will find 10 rows of Oreo cookies packaged together with the music box.


S$24.90 each at Fairprice

You can find a music box set at Fairprice for S$24.90.

However, if you’d like a bigger set of cookies with wider variety, Shopee also has a 1.5kg Oreo Cookie Box set going for S$59.90.

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Feature image adapted from Radio.com and AdAge.