10-Year-Old Boy Lives Alone & Plants Own Veggies To Survive After Losing Grandma & Dad

Vietnamese Boy’s Father Died In Workplace Accident Shortly After Grandma Passed Away

Most of us probably started becoming independent – washing our clothes, cooking our meals – when we approached our 20s.

But for Dang Van Khuyen, a young boy in Vietnam, independence was something that he had to acquire when he was just 10 years old, after his grandmother and father passed away within a “short period”.


Lived alone with his grandma while his dad worked in the city

According to China Press, Dang was single-handedly brought up by his grandma in Tuyên Quang province, Vietnam. His mother had passed away when he was much younger.

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Dang’s family faced financial difficulties and could only afford to attend school with the help of government subsidies.

His father worked in the city and would send money back whenever possible.

Grandma & father passed away within a “short period”

Dang’s life started taking a turn for the worse when his grandma passed away as a result of old age.

After a “short period”, Dang reportedly received a call while he was in school informing him that his father – a construction worker – had died in a workplace accident.

The passing of both family members left the 10-year-old boy alone without anyone but himself to depend on.


Leaves father’s coffin under the house

After learning about his predicament, Dang’s form teacher forked out S$588 (VND$10 million) so Dang could bring his father’s body home.


After performing the necessary rituals, Dang placed his father’s coffin underneath their old house.


Grew his own vegetables & started becoming independent

Despite losing both family members successively, Dang wasted no time wallowing in grief. Instead, he picked himself up and started leading a self-sufficient life.


Dang continued attending school and even grew his own crops to feed himself, reports China Press.


Other families reportedly offered to adopt him but Dang respectfully declined and insisted on becoming independent.

Dang’s teacher would, however, pop by his house every now and then to help with his daily chores.


There are still things only a family can provide

Though Dang is a boy that’s as independent as they come, there are still many things only a family can provide, such as unconditional love.

We hope Dang’s tragic tale will help us realise how lucky we truly are, so we can all learn how to cherish our family members more.

Featured image adapted from China Press and Facebook.

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