Otter Family Tries Sneaking Through Alexandra Condo Gates, Retreats After Chonky Members Get Stuck

Otter Family Tries ‘Gatecrashing’ Alexandra Condominium Before Retreating

Otters are known to form closely-knitted families that move around in romps, so it’s common to see them in action as a group.

Recently, a family of otters was seen attempting to sneak through the gates of a condominium in Alexandra.

But after some of the bigger ones had a hard time squeezing past the bars, the pack eventually decided to retreat.

Otter family tries sneaking into Alexandra condominium

The otters’ failed break-in attempt was shared by Facebook user Chun Kit Soo.

At the start of the video, we see a large group of otters gathering in front of Ascentia Sky condominium located along Alexandra View.

otter family alexandra

Source: Facebook

They then take turns entering the gate by sliding in between the bars.

otter family alexandra

Source: Facebook

While some of them manage to squeeze through the narrow gaps, other larger-sized ones apparently have a hard time doing so.

Not wanting to give up, a particularly chonky one can be seen trying again, this time, through another gap at the side.

However, it still failed to squeeze through and hilariously slid down the road wall.

The OP even added a speech bubble for comedic effect, writing, “S***, I am getting fat.”

otter family alexandra

Source: Facebook

After numerous unsuccessful attempts, it decided to surrender and abort the mission.

otter family alexandra

Source: Facebook

Otter family retreats after failed break-in attempt

As ‘The Godfather’ author Mario Puzo once said, “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.”

And it looks like this otter pack takes this quote seriously. Since the chonky ones couldn’t join the condo visit, the entire pack ended up retreating altogether.

otters condominium

Source: Facebook

As the larger ones scurried off, the others obediently followed suit.

Source: Facebook

By the end of the video, all the otters left the property — except one who could somehow get in but not out.

Panicked, it started to scream at the top of its lungs from behind the gate.

Source: Facebook

We’re not sure if it managed to escape but we do hope that it has reunited with its family.

Otters are a united family

Like Mr Chun, those who witnessed the otters’ failed attempt at “gatecrashing” might find the incident hilarious.

However, we’re relieved that the animals didn’t harm or create any trouble for the condo residents.

On a lighter note, the scene can perhaps inspire us humans to be more loyal to our family members and stay united, especially in times of crisis.

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Featured image adapted from Chun Kit Soo on Facebook.

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