JB’s Paradigm Mall Now Accepts Nets So S’poreans Need Not Worry When They Run Out Of Ringgit

Nets Card Accepted For Payment At Paradigm Mall JB

Singaporeans heading to Paradigm Mall in Johor for retail therapy can now use their NETS ATM cards to make purchases there.


So if you ever worry about running out of Ringgits while on a crazy shopping spree across the Causeway, your NETS card will be your knight in shining armour.

No currency conversion fees needed

Singaporeans will be able to use their NETS cards from 3 Singapore banks – DBS, OCBC and UOB – in Paradigm with no currency conversion fees involved.

Currency conversion fees are usually incurred when purchasing items using a card issued by a foreign bank.

But you won’t have to think twice about going cashless at Paradigm Mall now that you can simply swipe your NETS cards for payment.

Our NETS cards can be used for transactions at more than 100 stores in Paradigm such as Subway and Samsung.

All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Slot your cards into an acceptance point terminal
  2. Key in your PIN to make payment
  3. Head home happily with your purchases

Run out of ringgit, no problem

Pretty much everyone carries a NETS ATM card, so this new perk will definitely make shopping in JB more hassle-free.

There’s no need to spend time queuing at cash converters to change your Singapore Dollars to Malaysian Ringgits anymore.

Hopefully, cashless payments will soon be more widely available in Malaysia so we can travel and shop there with ease.

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Featured image from NETS and Google Maps.

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