Paralympian Apologises For Filming Guide Dog Dispute In Hougang Café, Will Focus On Positive Content

Paralympian Apologises For Filming Dispute With Restaurant Staff Over Guide Dog

Recently, Singaporean paralympic swimmer Sophie Soon’s dispute at the Rocky Master outlet in Hougang went viral.

The eatery allegedly did not let her enter with her guide dog as they wanted to provide a comfortable environment for all diners.

She filmed the entire encounter and posted it to social media.

In a video addressing the incident, Ms Soon apologised for filming her experience.

Paralympian apologises for filming dispute, wishes to move on

In a TikTok video on 12 Mar, Ms Soon expressed her greatest apologies to her supporters, restaurant staff, and everyone responding to the viral video.

Source: @sophsoon on TikTok

She explained that it was a poor move and judgement for her to think it could resolve discrimination issues.

Instead of highlighting the issue positively, Ms Soon stated she had brought “chaos and hatred” to the community, which she did not intend.

I recognise that I am the one that has started this whole incident. I wanna put this to an end as well.

Ms Soon acknowledged that the incident would take some time to blow over.

“Everybody should take whatever time they need to recover and move on,” she added. In addition, she expressed her hope that there would be no more arguments regarding the dispute.

“I really hope we can move on in a more positive manner,” she stated.

Source: @sophsoon on TikTok

Ms Soon went on to clarify that she would be taking down the videos she posted of the incident.

Will focus on conveying views more positively

Moving forward, Ms Soon will focus on more positive content when discussing topics of this nature.

Source: @sophsoon on TikTok

She expressed her gratitude to companies who have reached out to her to collaborate to raise awareness, stating that it would be the best way forward for now.

The saga started on 8 Mar when Ms Soon posted a 48-second video of the incident on her Facebook account.

Paralympian With Guide Dog Criticises Hougang Café For Discrimination, Eatery Claims It’s For Customers’ Comfort

In the footage, an employee apologises before requesting that Ms Soon sit outside with her guide dog. After being told that restaurants could let in guide dogs, she reiterated her stance.

The Paralympian posted a lengthy caption alongside the video, calling businesses out for their ignorance.

She urged them to do better and not let their ground staff take the fall in such situations.

In response, the restaurant clarified that they wanted to provide a safe dining environment for all diners.

Citing regulations, they said guide dogs should be leashed and seated outdoors “where possible”.

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Featured image adapted from @sophsoon on TikTok.

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