Park Eun-Bin Is A Ray Of Sunshine, Wants To Visit Universal Studios S’pore & Botanic Gardens

Park Eun-Bin Is A Ray Of Sunshine, Wants To Visit Universal Studios S’pore & Botanic Gardens

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Star Park Eun-Bin Charms At Singapore Press Conference

If sunshine – warm, bright, and mood-lifting – were a human being, we think it would be Park Eun-bin.

At least, that’s the impression the South Korean actress gave during her brief but charming appearance at a press conference ahead of her Singapore fan meeting today (11 Nov).

park eun-bin singapore

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Wearing a pretty black dress and sporting long, wavy hair (a stark difference from her fame-making character Woo Young-woo’s signature bob), Park fielded several questions from the host and the media while taking every opportunity she could to show off her newly learned Singlish…lah.

Park Eun-bin says Singapore is ‘shiok’

After stepping onto the stage in a meeting room at the Voco Orchard hotel, Park greeted reporters with a dazzling smile and an adorable, “Nice to meet you lah”, drawing amused laughter from the floor.

She continued to pepper her occasional English sentences with the Singlish suffix throughout the rest of the 20-minute event. And it was so cute that the usually silent, stoic members of the press would chuckle every time without fail. It just couldn’t be helped.

Her undoubtedly natural charm – along with a masterful performance, of course – were what gained Park legions of fans with her role in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’.

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The 30-year-old won rave reviews for her portrayal of a brilliant young lawyer with an autism spectrum disorder, propelling her to a whole new level of fame — one that has her touring around Asia to meet her admirers.

This was her very first visit to the Lion City, and it was, in her own words, “Shiok,” said with the most cheerful thumbs-up we had ever seen.

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While she hasn’t had much time to try out a lot of food or visit a lot of places here, she shared that she was looking forward to eating chilli crab for lunch the next day.

Also on Park’s Singapore bucket list are trips to Universal Studios – she’s never been to any of the parks before – and Botanic Gardens.

Guess you know where to casually hang around if you want to spot her while she’s in town.

Park Eun-bin wants to be ‘happy & healthy’ in 2023

All actors want their projects to be successful. But Park admitted that she was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reactions to ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ both in South Korea and abroad.

It made her realise one thing:

Despite being from different countries, we all share the same emotions.

Naturally, more people are now interested to see what role she will take on next.

While Park, unfortunately, did not let us in on her upcoming drama or film (we’re sure the offers have already started pouring in), she did share what she looks out for when picking a script.

First, she’ll ask herself if she feels attracted to the character and if she finds her charming enough.

Then, she’ll read the synopsis to determine the direction of the message that the writer wants to send.

And finally, she’ll consider what she wishes to achieve through the project.

If everything aligns with what she wants, then she’ll know that it is the show for her.

park eun-bin singapore

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When asked what kind of genre she would like to try, Park said that to her surprise (and ours), she realised that she’s never done a romantic comedy.

Besides ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, which is a legal drama, Park has also starred in the music drama ‘Do You Like Brahms’, sports drama ‘Hot Stove League’, and horror thriller ‘The Ghost Detective’, which are available on streaming platform Viu.

The host pointed out that Park would make the perfect rom-com female lead since she’s beautiful and demure. In response, the actress chirped, “Thank you lah!”

park eun-bin singapore

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In general, however, Park shared that she’s not really a planner because she has a tendency to blame herself for not achieving her goals.

As such, her only goal for 2023 is to “be healthy and happy”. Something we think we should all strive towards as well.

Catch Park Eun-bin at her Singapore fan meet tonight

Of course, the entire reason Park is even here in the first place is to meet her dear fans. And she’s just as excited to see them as they are to see her.

“It’s my first fan meet, and lately I’ve been feeling a lot of love from fans that transcends borders,” she gushed. “I’m happy lah!”

Park’s fan meet is happening at 8pm tonight at the Capitol Theatre. For those who are going, what are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments.

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