Park Eun-Bin Visiting S’pore In November, Time To Memorise That Iconic Woo Young-woo Introduction

Park Eun-Bin Visiting S’pore In November, Time To Memorise That Iconic Woo Young-woo Introduction

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Star Park Eun-Bin To Visit Singapore As Part Of Overseas Tour

If you’re a K-Drama buff or a Netflix addict, chances are you would have watched or at least heard of the hit series ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’.

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Starring actress Park Eun-bin, the series revolves around Woo Young-woo, a brilliant young lawyer with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The show follows her journey as she navigates court life while also struggling with social interactions.

Well, here’s some good news for fans — the actress is set to visit Singapore in November as part of her overseas tour, according to a statement from her agency.

Park Eun-bin to embark on overseas tour in Oct

After the success of her fan meeting in South Korea earlier this month, Park’s agency stated that she will be embarking on her first overseas tour to meet international fans.

According to The Korea Times, tickets for the event in South Korea sold out immediately after sales began.

The 30-year-old’s overseas tour will kick off in Manila, Philippines on Oct 23 at SM Sky Dome.

After that, she will continue on to Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo in November.

Further details will be announced at a later date so keep your eyes peeled.

Ranked Top 10 in TV shows on Netflix in 21 countries

The legal drama recorded 24 million viewers in just the first week. It reached a total of 77 million views by its seventh week, Forbes reports.

Both audiences and critics were impressed by Park’s acting skills for such a difficult role.

Currently, the series holds a Top 10 spot in TV shows on Netflix in 21 countries, including Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Prepare to snatch your tickets for Park Eun-bin’s first overseas tour

The popularity of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ stretches far and wide, so fans can expect a high demand for the tickets.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on seeing Woo Young-woo give her iconic introduction IRL, be sure to snap up your tickets once sales begin in Singapore.

You’ll certainly be in for a whale of a time.

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