LTA Impounds 6 Party Buses Along Clarke Quay & Boat Quay

Singapore may have reopened the economy under Phase 2, but let’s not forget that life isn’t back to normal 100% yet.

This means nightlife activities that gather large groups of people together will still have to be put on hold during this time.

However, it looks like hardcore partygoers remain determined to live the best of their night lives in party buses. Unfortunately for them, this has to come to a stop, now that Land Transport Authority (LTA) have thwarted their attempts.


LTA officers have impounded 6 party buses along Boat Quay and Clarke Quay.

All of them were found with heavy and illegal modifications that put the health and safety of passengers at risk.

Party buses found along popular nightlife areas

According to LTA’s Facebook post on Thursday (10 Sep), they received feedback that buses were seen offering services at popular nightlife areas like Boat Quay and Clarke Quay.


LTA explained that party buses are often heavily modified, and mostly cater to partygoers in groups.

This completely undermines Singapore’s efforts to minimise Covid-19 transmission risks.

Safety of passengers are also at risk

Besides health risks, LTA pointed out that some of the modifications threaten passengers’ safety.


For example, some of the seats in the vehicles do not come with proper safety restraints. In the event of sudden braking, passengers could be flung forward.

Culprits also found with other offences

After a 2-month operation against these errant service providers, LTA successfully impounded 6 party buses in July and August.


Apart from illegal modifications, the culprits are also found with other offences such as driving without a valid bus driver’s vocational licence, insurance coverage and road tax.

Investigations are ongoing.

Be responsible & vigilant during such crucial times

During a crucial period like now, we must remember that Covid-19 remains a global threat, and people are still at risk of getting infected.

To successfully conquer the outbreak, everyone has to be socially responsible and follow Covid-19 safety measures.

You can also contribute by informing authorities of any party buses you’ve encountered via the One Motoring website here.

Featured image adapted from LTA.