M’sian Man’s Shiny Head Too Bright For Passport Photo, Sparks One-Punch Man Comparisons

M’sian Immigration Officers Use Black Boards To Prevent Glares In Man’s Passport Photo

Taking a passport photo is no simple feat. You need to take note of a lot of things, like how your hair mustn’t cover your eyes, you need to look at the camera straight on, etc.

According to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) guidelines, your glasses should not have reflections or glares too.

Little did we know, the issue of glares is something that bald people need to pay attention to as well — as one Malaysian man learned the hard way.

On Saturday (15 Jun), Mr Nazirul Nazrin uploaded a Facebook video of his friend, Mr Muhammad Faridudin, whose shiny bald head is now lighting up the timelines of many social media users.


He was taking his passport photo, but was told that the sheen of his bald head was “too reflective” for the photo to turn out right.

Too shiny for decent photo quality

World of Buzz reported that Mr Faridudin’s bald head was “too reflective”.

He apparently had trouble meeting the standards for a decent passport photo.

But not to worry, as two immigration officers, who seem experienced in handling such issues, held two black boards over his head to reduce glares.


The video’s caption in Malay translates as:

Too glaring until the immigration lady needs to cover [the] head.

At press time, the video has over 1,900 shares.

Lots of bald jokes were made

Naturally, bald jokes made up the bulk of the comments section, with many drawing up comparisons to iconic One-Punch Man main character Saitama.

If you’re not sure who he is, here’s a picture of the superhero.


Now you’re all brought up to speed, ready your shades. You’re going to need them for the amount of shine ahead.


One Facebook user thinks that Saitama will be proud of this man for having a smooth bald head that rivals his.


Another user uses a gif that perfectly summarises how ‘radiant’ the man’s shiny head is. So shiny that debris fly.


Other than Saitama’s head, there’s one more thing that Mr Faridudin’s shiny head can be compared to.


Yep, the truth is brighter than all our LCD screens.

All went well, we hope

It’s unclear whether Mr Faridudin eventually passed immigration’s standards for his photo.

Though it would seem that all is well, judging by his bright smile at the end and his friend’s cheeky snickers in the background.

Have you ever experienced similar or other amusing issues when taking photos for official documents? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook and Youtube.

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