Peach Garden Has Up To 50% Discount Based On Age Difference, Jio Ah Ma For Meals

Peach Garden Has Promotion Based On Age Difference At Thomson Plaza & Metropolis Outlets

Age is often a sensitive topic to bring up, but Peach Garden recently decided to put a positive spin on the subject.

The local restaurant chain is offering discounts of up to 50% based on the age difference between the youngest and oldest diners at the same table.

peach garden promotion

Source: Peach Garden Group on Facebook

In other words, this is a good opportunity to jio your grandparents and little cousins for a nice meal.

Though you might have to bear with the awkward silence when they ask for Ah Ma’s age.

‘Young & Old Promotion’ at Peach Garden gives discounts based on age difference

On Monday (13 Mar), Peach Garden Group took to Facebook to share about an ongoing promotion at their Thomson Plaza and The Metropolis outlets.

peach garden promotion

Source: Peach Garden

Aptly named the “Young & Old Promotion”, the promo ‘rewards’ customers with a discount of up to 50% based on the ages of the youngest and oldest diners seated at the same table.

Here’s a little math exercise to illustrate how the promo works.

The youngest diner at Table A is Ah Boy, aged 11, while the oldest diner at the table is 58-year-old Ah Ma. How much discount are they entitled to under the promo?

The solution is pretty straightforward.

After subtracting 11 from 58, we arrive at 47, which means folks at the table can look forward to a 47% discount off their bill.

Only valid at Thomson Plaza & Metropolis outlets

The promotion is ongoing at the time of this article and is only valid at Peach Garden’s outlets at Thomson Plaza and The Metropolis.

Source: Peach Garden

Customers must also be dining in at the restaurants in order to enjoy the promo.

Additionally, take note that the promotion is not valid on the following days:

  • Eve and actual days of public holidays
  • Eve and actual days of festive dates such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

If you’re thinking of heading to either outlet for the promo, here are the deets:

Peach Garden @ Thomson Plaza
Address: 01 Upper Thomson Road, #01-88 Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408
Opening hours:  8am-10pm daily
Nearest MRT station: Upper Thomson
Contact number: 6451 3233

Peach Garden @ The Metropolis 
Address: 9 North Buona Vista Drive, #02-02, Singapore 138588
Opening hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm daily
Nearest MRT station: Buona Vista
Contact number: 6334 7833

For more information on the promo, reach out to Peach Garden or check out their website here.

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Featured image adapted from Peach Garden and Peach Garden Group on Facebook.

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