Customer Accuses Peach Garden Of Charging S$15 For Additional Plate Of Cucumbers, Allegedly A Misunderstanding

Peach Garden Allegedly Overcharges For Extra Plate Of Cucumbers And Spring Onion

Taking our family out for a meal is supposed to be a happy affair, but being overcharged or receiving poor service can easily spoil our experience.

A customer who recently patronised Peach Garden — a Chinese restaurant at Thomson Plaza — found herself in an awkward situation when she was allegedly met with snarky remarks by members of the service crew. She apparently also had to fork out a staggering S$15 for a plate of cucumbers.

Feeling indignant, the customer took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group to air her grievances.

Source: Facebook

Peach Garden has since denied her claims on the basis that the entire situation was simply a misunderstanding.

Staff allegedly made snarky remarks to family

In her post on Monday (20 Feb), the customer alleged that the family requested for more cucumbers and spring onions as her parents enjoyed having their Peking duck with more crunch.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Unfortunately, the server attending to them allegedly responded to their request with a rather snarky comment, sarcastically asking why they consumed so much cucumber.

The OP claimed that she felt “a bit offended” but held her tongue to avoid starting an argument.

Peach Garden charges S$15 for additional portion cucumber

In her post, the customer also flagged the exorbitant price she allegedly had to pay for the additional serving of cucumber and spring onion.

According to her, the family sought clarification from the staff over a S$15 fee on their itemised bill.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

To their surprise, the staff said that the additional cost incurred was from the second plate of cucumber served.

The family then tried to reason with the staff, explaining that they were unaware of the additional charge.

The customer further claimed that the staff did not yield to their reasoning, and simply “shrugged and said [it was] company policy”.

Peach Garden denied claims, cucumber apparently complimentary

Responding to MS News’ queries, Peach Garden clarified that the S$15 charge was not for the extra plate of cucumbers.

Instead, it was for a “deep-fried duck meat with salt and pepper” dish made from the remaining Peking duck meat.

Peach Garden added that the additional dish of cucumber and spring onion was complimentary.

The restaurant added,

Under usual circumstances, the first two plates of cucumber and spring onion are complimentary  … we only charge customers S$3 for any additional plates.

Unsatisfactory experience caused by miscommunication

In response to her post, one Facebook user suggested that the cost likely came from a separate dish made with the remaining duck, in line with Peach Garden’s claims.

However, the OP insisted that the service staff told the family that the deep-fried meat dish was free.

Source: Facebook

All in all, it seems like miscommunication was likely the root cause of the OP’s unsatisfactory visit.

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