Woman Uses Tape Measure To Find The Perfect Watermelon At NTUC Fairprice

Woman Tries To Find The Perfect Watermelon At NTUC In Viral Video

How do you choose a perfect watermelon and really get your money’s worth?

Some shoppers use colours to find the ones that are juicy and fully ripe, while others might opt for the heaviest. But this lady seems to believe that bigger is always better.

In a viral video, she was seen using a tape measure at an “NTUC Fairprice” outlet to determine the watermelon’s size.

Here’s the 20-second clip from All Singapore Stuff, posted on Wednesday (6 Mar).

Although the video isn’t time-stamped, and the location of the supermarket not stated, the woman’s curious way of choosing her melons sparked a hilarious debate in the comments section.

Getting the value for money

Finding the best watermelon is no easy task.

A citizen’s pro-tip seems to involve casually whipping out a tape measure from her pocket.


Next, she tries to determine the length of and girth of the watermelon.


We’ll never know which one she chose because the video immediately ends.

Finding the perfect watermelon

Netizens eagerly shared how their pro-tips for finding the perfect watermelon in the comments section.

One netizen said that the woman could be making a dessert that requires a specific girth or width, thus the need for a tape measure.


An experienced baker explained that “certain cakes need to have a certain size”.


For some, the perfect watermelon had copious amounts of juice so the woman should’ve brought a “portal weighing machine” instead.


This netizen mused that the biggest watermelon isn’t always the sweetest.


Others believed that the reason for the girth of a watermelon could be a thick melon husk — which could be a letdown when she cuts it open at home.


Got any tips for buying watermelons?

Finding the best isn’t always easy, but is sure is worth it.

While we might never know if the woman was baking a cake or attempting to get her money’s worth, kudos to her for going the extra mile to get what she wants.

There’s definitely a lot of factors to consider when buying a watermelon – like juiciness and sweetness – and we hope this article gives you some more things to consider when you head to the store to get your favourite fruits.

Featured image from Facebook and Adobe Stock.

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