Pikachu Mouse From Korea Lets You Massage The Electric Pokémon’s Ears While Working

Left- And Right-Click Buttons On Pikachu Mouse Are Essentially Its Ears

After a long day of work, scratching our furkids’ ears and heads goes a long way in relaxing our stressed-out minds.

So imagine how wonderful it must feel to be able to stroke our furry companions while hustling at work.

Recently, a shop in Hong Kong named Cozy Styler listed a hyper-realistic Pikachu mouse that literally lets users ‘massage’ the electric rodent’s head while using the device.


With such adorable features, even the most troublesome client wouldn’t be able to take away your ‘aww’ response when you see Pikachu’s blissful expression.

Pikachu mouse has pernament blissful expression

Pikachu mouse isn’t exactly a new concept in the market — just last year, Razer launched a bright-yellow mouse also inspired by the iconic Pokémon.

But where this mouse stands out is its shape, which follows the silhouette of a sprawling Pikachu.


Equally adorable are the left- and right-click buttons, which are essentially Pikachu’s ears that are neatly folded back.


Apart from ‘massaging’ Pikachu, users will also be ‘scratching’ the electric Pokémon when they utilise the scroll wheel, cleverly position in the middle of the ears.

Pikachu’s permanent blissful expression is also a indication that you’re ‘massaging’ the right spots.


The mouse is a wireless one, so users wouldn’t be constricting Pikachu to a leash. It connects via Bluetooth and measures 7.5 x 11.5cm.


Available for ~S$50

The Pikachu mouse can be ordered via Cozy Styler, a lifestyle shop based in Hong Kong, for ~S$50.63 (HK$288).

Customers can pre-order on their page here — applications close on 29 Nov.

Sadly, the page only delivers within Hong Kong and Macau, so you’d have to purchase via a courier or a friend staying in the 2 territories and have it shipped to Singapore.

According to its page, the product is imported from Korea, so an alternative way is to seek help from friends travelling there under the vaccinated travel lane.

Pikachu mouse will make even the worst of work days bearable

Work might be torturous at times, but with Pikachu keeping us company, we’re sure it’ll be much more bearable.

If you know a die-hard Pokémon fan who’d love to have Pikachu by their sides at all times, this is one accessory that they wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Meanwhile, let’s hope someone imports this to our shores in the near future so we can get hold of it with relative ease.

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Featured image adapted from Cozy Styler

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