Pink Dot Issues Open Invitation To PM Lee, Encourages Him To Go For Pink Dot 2019

Pink Dot Says PM Lee Doesn’t Fully Understand LGBT Discrimination In Singapore

Right after PM Lee told Singaporeans that 377A – the law that criminalises gay sex – hasn’t stopped communities like Pink Dot from gathering, Pink Dot issued a statement to respectfully disagree.

Pink Dot also invited PM Lee to join Pink Dot Festival 2019 this Saturday (29 Jun), and we are curious to see how this will all play out.


But first, here are the highlights of Pink Dot’s full statement on Facebook.

Discrimination faced by LGBTQ borne from 377A

Disagreeing with PM Lee, Pink Dot emphasised that their existence “is not proof of Singapore’s inclusiveness to the LGBTQ community.”

In fact, they said the community faces discrimination every day exactly because of Section 377A.

This, along with its trickle-down effects to other laws and policies that govern Singaporean society.

No full understanding of LGBTQ’s daily struggles

Pink Dot seems to think that PM Lee may not have a complete understanding of LGBTQ discrimination in Singapore.


They swiftly pointed out that this year’s festival aims to shed light on this exact issue — which explains this next line from Pink Dot.

We invite PM Lee and our leaders to come down to Hong Lim Park this Saturday and truly make an effort to understand what the LGBTQ community go through on a daily basis.

As much as we hope that this invitation would be taken up, unfortunately, PM Lee will be in Japan until Sunday (30 Jun).

The Straits Times reported that PM Lee will be in Osaka on a working visit until Sunday. He is also expected to attend the Group of 20 Leaders’ Summit (G-20) held there as well.

Looks like we may have to wait for next year, perhaps?

Equality is possible

On Wednesday (26 Jun), PM Lee had said Section 377A of the Penal Code is here to stay “for some time”.

Despite this law’s existence, PM Lee added that it hasn’t “inhibited people from living, has not stopped Pink Dot from having a gathering every year.”


Pink Dot is still holding onto hope that diversity & equality among all sexual orientations is possible one day.

If you are interested to learn more, the 11th edition of the festival is this Saturday (29 Jun).

Here is what you need to know:

Date: 29 Jun
Address: Hong Lim Park, New Bridge Road, Singapore 059299
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay MRT


Featured image from PM Lee on Facebook and Pink Dot.

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