PM Lee Says 377A Will Remain Indefinitely Because It’s The Way Our Society Is

PM Lee Says 377A Won’t Stop Singapore From Welcoming LGBT Talents

It seems that the time for the government to repeal 377A is not now, nor the foreseeable future — at least according to our Prime Minister.

Singapore’s leader PM Lee Hsien Loong announced that this infamous law that explicitly outlaws sex between men, will be “around for some time”.

He opined that we shouldn’t compare Singapore to other countries, like the United States, or Middle Eastern nations, because “we are in between”.


Despite this, Singapore will continue to open its doors to foreign talents, especially in the tech industry, no matter their sexual orientation.

It’s a timely declaration, given that people are gearing up to support lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) rights in the wake of Pink Dot’s 11th edition this weekend.

377A doesn’t stop people from working in Singapore

On Wednesday (26 Jun), TODAY reported that Section 377A of the Penal Code, the law that criminalises gay sex, will be around for some time.

PM Lee made the prediction at the Smart Nation Summit 2019 held the same day.


An audience member had asked him how the country’s laws can be diversified to attract tech talent, including those of other sexual orientations.

PM Lee further stressed that Singapore has been open to the LGBT community,

Whatever your sexual orientation, you are welcome to come and work in Singapore.

377A stays because “we are not like San Francisco”

Despite obliquely refusing to repeal a law deemed “archaic” by critics, PM Lee noted that 377A hasn’t stopped “people from living”.

Attendees at a Pink Dot concert in 2018


It also didn’t get in the way of Singapore’s first sexual wellness festival Pink Dot from being held annually for the last 10 years.

To this, he related,

We are not like San Francisco, neither are we like some countries in the Middle East. [We are] something in between, it is the way the society is.

Intriguing reference.

Will the tides change one day?

Well, folks, it’s been quite a while since we heard arguments over 377A on whether it should be repealed. There were even petitions for both sides of the fence in 2018.

Now that PM Lee has spoken, we’re unsure how long it will take for Singapore to join other Asian countries like India in legally recognising same-sex relations.

What do you think of this declaration? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Featured image from Lee Hsien Loong and Pink Dot on Facebook. 

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