Singaporean Man Repurposes Pizza Savers With 3 New & Ingenious Uses

Do you like pizza? Of course you do.

But no doubt you’ve looked at those tiny plastic tables that come with your order – which are actually called pizza savers – and wondered if they could somehow be reused.


Well since you enjoy the convenience of having food delivered to you, now you can have answers delivered to you too.


A Singaporean man named Tom Yan has found 3 new uses for your used pizza savers so that you never have to feel like a giant throwing away tiny furniture ever again.

Pizza savers to assorted hangers

First, he’s been sticking the savers to the wall and using them as hangers for assorted bits and bobs.

Pizza saver new useSource

He’s found a use for them in every room in your house, from your kitchen…

Pizza saver new useSource

…to your wardrobe…

Pizza saver new useSource

…to your bathroom.

Pizza saver new useSource

Yeah, you get the idea.

Never deal with pesky wires again

Nobody likes gnarled wires. They’re a pain to unkink, and unknotting thin wires is actually a part of my personal hell.

So instead, use pizza savers to keep your wires neatly coiled.

Pizza saver new useSource

Very groovy.

Be a real ‘stand-up’ person

And finally, fairly often we find items that need to stand up in the fridge. A lot of women’s facial products immediately come to mind.

Which is why Tom Yan has started using pizza savers to keep his sister’s facial products upright.


Pizza saver new useSource

Re-use to reduce

Just a little bit of effort to throw things out less and find new uses for them more is the first step to building a better shared world.

Good on you, Tom Yan. You’re truly a top lad.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Yahoo Singapore.