Platinum Fashion Mall Stores Close Due To Covid-19, Our Bangkok Shopping Haven Is Now Deserted

Platinum Fashion Mall Stores Apparently Resort To Leasing Out Space

Apart from the amazing street food and relaxing massages, many Singaporeans love flying to Thailand to shop for affordable clothes.

Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, renowned for selling clothes and accessories at wholesale prices, is arguably one of the most popular shopping spots for travellers in search of a clothing haul.


However, many vendors at the mall are apparently struggling to stay afloat due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday (26 Jan), recent pictures of Platinum Fashion Mall were shared on the 跟妮一起玩世界-泰國生活大小事 Facebook page, showing many of the stores shut and with few shoppers in sight.


The scenes were a stark contrast to pre-Covid days when the mall would typically be packed to the brim with shoppers in search of the best lobangs.

Platinum Fashion Mall stores close due to Covid-19 pandemic

Instead of colourful apparel that would typically greet shoppers as they step into Platinum Fashion Mall, many shops appeared to have their metal shutters pulled down.


Some stores even had tags hung on the shutters, seemingly promoting various sales that they were having.


Other retailers even resorted to renting out their space to tide over these tough times.


The crowds typically seen at the mall were also sorely missing. One netizen shared a picture of the mall taken in 2018 to show the contrast.

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The pictures were reportedly taken on a Sunday evening when crowds would typically be seen at the mall, pre-Covid.


The photos of empty corridors void of shoppers’ chatter and shuffling feet certainly spoke volumes of how hard the pandemic has hit the establishment.

Some stores faring better than others

Some shops, however, appear to be doing relatively better.

On the 2nd floor where “women fashion clothes” are sold, many stores seem to still be open for business.


The lights seemed bright only there, however, as one netizen who visited the mall on Sunday (25 Jan) shared that around half the stores are “empty”.


Thailand sees recent spike in Covid-19 infections

Thailand has seen a spike in Covid-19 cases since last December, reporting new cases in the hundreds every day.

On Tuesday (26 Jan), the country reported 959 new infections, the highest daily number of cases since the pandemic started.

The cases were reportedly detected as Thai authorities ramp up testing efforts.

Empty malls a heartbreaking phenomenon

It’s heartbreaking to see Platinum Fashion Mall now a shell of its former self, with so many shops closing and missing the crowds that we’ve come to associate it with.

Hopefully, the Covid-19 situation around the world would improve soon. That way, more of us would be able to travel overseas once again for holidays and revive these places that are so dependent on tourism for survival.

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Featured image adapted from 跟妮一起玩世界-泰國生活大小事 on Facebook

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