PM Lee Goes To The Zoo & Encourages S’poreans To Explore Our Island

In case you weren’t aware, the Singapore Zoo has been reopen for business since 6 Jul. And so, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong decided to jalan-jalan there.


It’s safe to visit now, given there are safe management measures in place there.

And while PM Lee was there, he managed to take some truly aesthetic shots. Just look at this one.


Does he really need a team at the Ministry of Communications and Information to take pictures of him if he’s got such game?

We jest, of course.

PM Lee takes aesthetic shots of zoo animals

Amidst safe distancing measures, PM Lee still managed to get some shots of the zoo animals in.

Here’s one of a bat, who’s casually lounging upside-down since it’s day-time.


We’re sure nobody really likes bats at this time for obvious reasons, but this one seems harmless enough.

Here’s a shot of 2 javan langurs, who, according to PM Lee, were gawking at bananas being fed to some elephants below.


Good things must share, you know.

And next, a scene of an animal being fed. A giraffe gets a snack from his attendant, taken at an opportune moment by PM Lee.


This scene of 2 bonobos nursing apparently touched PM Lee, who remarked on how he feels an affinity with animals that display human-like behaviours.


This shot of a rhino was thankfully not focus on the one in the background. It seems PM Lee has an idea of camera focus.


He also took a few more shots — the full album can be found here.

Encouraging more travelers to Singapore

Just like PM Lee, Singaporeans too are free to visit the zoo during Phase 2 and beyond, and he hightly encourages us to explore Singapore.

Although we can’t travel overseas now, there might be stuff in Singapore that we can’t find anywhere else. Now’s the time to support our local economy too.

While we all fervently await the day that we can get on a plane and travel anywhere on a whim, perhaps we can find out why Singapore’s tourism sector is such a hit internationally.

We even got to see some great photography, presumably not edited too heavily. Hopefully we can get more of these.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.