McDonald’s Now Has Pokemon Happy Meal Sets; Here’s How To Catch Em’ All

McDonald’s To Give Pokemon Happy Meal Toys Starting 15 Nov

Remember all the Pokemon that you wanted to catch as a kid? Now you can catch them for real.

McDonald’s Singapore and Malaysia are set to release Pokemon Happy Meal toys starting today (15 Nov).

Here’s a video promoting its launch:

When can you catch your favorite Pokemon? One netizen posted a photo of a poster allegedly from a McDonald’s branch at Yew Tee:


According to the photo, here are the dates you need to take note:

  • Totodile and Pikachu: 15–21 November
  • Shiny Magikarp and Torchic: 22–28 November
  • Psyduck and Meowth: 29 November–5 December
  • Squirtle and Vulpix: 6–12 December

Collect ‘em all

A lot of Singaporeans were excited to relive their Pokemon adventures. One netizen was on the lookout for the shiny carp.


Others are already making plans to ‘collect em all.


Some are still addicted to Pokemon Go, so a McDonald’s toy might not be good for their health.


Prepare for long queues

You’ll need to buy a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal to get your Pokemon.

From what we’ve seen of the online hype, it seems like both young and old locals are excited so prepare for long queues.

We hope that it’s worth the wait.

Featured image from Facebook.

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