All 151 Subtle Pokémon Shirt Designs Can Now Be Shipped To Singapore

Pokémon Shirts Can Be Shipped For Free If You Buy 2 Shirts

Update (2 Apr): You can now order these shirts online and have them shipped to Singapore.

The announcement was made on Tuesday (2 Apr) by Pokémon Singapore via a Facebook post.

Each shirt costs S$135, and is subjected to shipping fees of S$20.32.

Shipping is free if you order 2 or more shirts.

Die-hard Pokémon fans will never be afraid of showing their love for their favourite anime.

But that can be quite challenging if you’re in your mid-20s and slogging away in a corporate office.

Not to worry, that’s all going to change thanks to Pokémon’s newest collaboration with Original Stitch – an online shirt retailer – that will give birth to some exquisite Pokémon-inspired shirts.


They also uploaded a touching promo vid of a man who relived his childhood days with this collection and made a new friend along the way.

Here’s what to expect from this exciting collaboration.

Subtle, understated design

All 151 Pokémon – including Mewtwo and Mew – from the Kanto region will get their own design in this collection.

Designs are understated and subtle — perfectly safe for corporate office environments.

Here are some of our favourites.

1. Pikachu polka dot shirt

No Pokémon collaboration will be complete without Pikachu, the mascot of the world-famous anime.


But did you know that Pikachus are also good at disguising themselves as polka dots?


2. Jigglypuff gingham shirt

This may seem like a normal pink gingham shirt at first glance.


But squint harder and you’ll see your favourite lullaby singer, Jigglypuff staring right back at you.


3. Charmander sledding down snow mountains

Eagle-eyed fans watching the teaser will surely be able to spot a Charmander shirt in the works.


Here it is in its full glory, Charmander triplets sledding on logs down snow-covered mountains and making bonfires.


4. Geodude climbing wall

Geodudes are often seen in dark and slimy caves in the Pokémon video game.


But here, they are subtly portrayed as boulders on a rock climbing wall.


5. Vulpix floral shirt

Lastly, Vulpix – the fire fox – can be seen in various hues as part of this floral design.


Featured on the shirt are also pieces of Fire Stone — the evolutionary item used to evolve Vulpix.


Not sure if you can get yourself a Ninetales this way, but we guess it’s always worth a try!

Head on over to Pokemon Shirts’ website and Instagram for more designs!

Pocket squares available too!

Pokemon-themed pocket squares will also be available as part of this collaboration.


If rocking a pocket square’s simply not your style, these can also double as scarfs or handkerchiefs too!


Pretty versatile don’t you think?


All 151 designs inspired by Pokémon from the Kanto region can be seen here

Like most things Pokémon-related, these shirts are not going to come cheap — each shirt will set you back S$135.

Express shipping to Singapore will cost an additional S$20.32, but if you order 2 or more shirts, shipping is free of charge!

Who said reliving your childhood’s going to be cheap?

That said, if you know anyone who likes all things Pokémon, tag them in the comments below!

Featured image from Pokémon

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