Poop Tea Infuser Holds Your Loose Tea Leaves & Releases Fragrant Flavours

Remember those moments when something just doesn’t sit well with your stomach and you need a detox tea?


Indeed, the course of true love, or bowel cleansing, never did run smooth. Luckily, Starbrew now has an alternative for your defecation needs.

Introducing the shittiest tea infuser

Infused with just the right amount of fun is this tea infuser, shaped just like — yes, a gloop of poop.

poop tea infuserSource

Made of high premium silicone, this infuser is described to be “heat resistant up to 480°F” or roughly 250°C. There will be no rusting of its metal strainers, which will ensure that you can hold it all in — the tea leaves, of course.

Helping you to hold it in

On that note, the tea bags are specially made for loose tea leaves, ensuring that none will be secreted into your precious tea.


Starbrew described this to be such that there won’t be any “release of other flavours, only the aroma of your tea.”


It is also easy to clean. After the tea leaves have been discarded and discharged, one can simply rinse with warm water or put it in the dishwasher. Cleansing both tea strainers and bowels has never been easier.

Don’t dump on the idea yet

While this may not sit well with some tea fanatics, we urge that people not take a crap on the idea just yet.

Rather than seeing the product as nonsensical, why not view the innovation as a hilarious way to perk up your day?


The poop tea infuser is retailing for US$17.95 on Starbrew, which is roughly S$24.65. Shipping is free for now, so it’s a great time to buy.

You may not need an infuser, but there’s no harm purchasing one just for the shits and giggles.

Featured images adapted from Starbrew Store.