Spending Too Much Time In The Toilet Might Give You Piles

Spending too much time holding the fort in the toilet while playing Mobile Legends? You might want to spend less time in there, as too much pooping might cause haemorrhoids – according to doctors from National University Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

What are piles and how do we avoid them?

Having haemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles, is a medical condition that causes discomfort when going to the restroom. Some symptoms include fresh blood in your stool and itching around the anus.

Dr Bettina Lieske, who is a senior consultant at the National University Hospital’s Division of Colorectal Surgery, advises spice lovers to restrict their intake of spicy food because frequent – and painful – bathroom visits can cause issues with your haemorrhoids.

Of course, you’d want to avoid the ring of fire as well by eating less spicy food.


The same goes for those who use their phone when doing their business – sitting on the throne for too long can also cause piles.

Haemorrhoids are sometimes confused for bowel cancer

Haemorroids shares several symptoms with bowel cancer and is far more common than the latter.

According to Dr Lieske, haemorroids are not linked to cancer even though they have similar symptoms such as discomfort, bleeding, and mucus discharge.

But if you have any doubts, go see a doctor. Remember, WebMD says everything is cancer so don’t trust it.


Drink more fluids

The general counter to piles and constipation – which also increases risk of haemorroids – is to hydrate thyself. Dr Jason Lim, a general surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, says haemorroids can be caused because we do not drink enough fluids.

Make sure you have enough fibre, so that passing motion becomes a regular and more pleasant occasion.

Treatment depends on the level of piles. Lower levels – your doctor will inform you what level you’re at – can be treated with swelling medication, while higher levels might require surgery or other methods such as rubber band ligation.

This is where your piles are quite literally tied off with the aid of rubber bands.


Surgery is generally reserved for when the other treatments do not work and doctors don’t usually resort to it except for severe cases – we need

As a result, piles treatment revolve around treating the symptoms rather than removal.

Prevention is better than cure

According to Dr Lim, all of us have piles – they are necessary for controlling bowel movements so we do not end up pooping our pants, which is why surgery is not a go-to in less severe cases.

So now you know how and why haemorroids develop, share and tell your friends to stop spending so much time browsing Facebook when pooping, and eat less Mala hotpot.

That one, maybe once in a while.

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