Toa Payoh Prawn Mee Hawker Wants To Treat Student Who Left Thoughtful Tip

On a late Friday afternoon, a mother brought her 2 daughters to Chef Kang’s Prawn Noodle House in Toa Payoh for lunch.

While she and one of her girls ordered the classic bowl of prawn mee, the other daughter decided to go for something different — a stone pot rice.

That was not the only peculiar move by the little one.

Compensation for leftovers

Digging into the prawn and spare ribs, the young girl soon realised that she could not finish the rest of her meal.

Before she left with her mother and sister, she decided to compensate for the leftover portion with a tip and a note:

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Professing her satisfaction with the ingredients, the girl expressed her guilt for not being able to finish the rice by following up with an apology. She explained that she wasn’t too hungry to begin with, and had to leave before she could polish off her plate.

But it had been “so totally worth it” as the serving came in a “nice big portion” and she had assured the recipients of her letter that she hoped to see them next time.

To further drive home her sincerity and remorse for not being able to finish her meal, she left her pocket money for the day – a $2 bill – with the note.

Prawn mee stall staff felt their efforts were worth it

The young customer’s action moved the owners of Chef Kang’s Prawn Noodle House, who said that it had meant a lot to their staff, and responded with a note of their own.

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Since the Covid-19 outbreak, many businesses were hit badly by the pandemic. This prawn mee stall was no different, they explained.

However, the motley crew pressed forward by continuing to work hard and setting out to improve their food and services.

This handwritten note from their little customer made the team feel that their efforts were all worth it.

Invitation to lunch

Touched and proud to know that young children these days have been nurtured to have such kindness, Chef Kang’s Prawn Noodle House decided to return the favour in their own right.

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To express their gratitude to not just the student but her parents and teachers as well for inculcating such values, the prawn mee crew extended an invitation to everyone involved in nurturing the child for a free lunch.

The only thing left to do was to wait eagerly for the customer to find her way back to them again.

Mother has contacted stall owners

Fortunately for the prawn mee owners, on Monday(20 Jul), the young one’s mother managed to find their request to seek them out. She has since contacted them.

Prawn noodle


We hope that the little customer will be reunited with not just the kitchen crew who felt encouraged by her, but also her claypot rice.

Hopefully, she will have more stomach to finish everything this time round!

Featured images adapted from Facebook and Instagram.