3-Year-Old Boy In Choa Chu Kang Is A Big Fan Of SembCorp Workers

Most kids idolise only their caretakers, family members or cartoon characters.

For this 3-year-old boy in Choa Chu Kang, his heroes are the SembCorp workers who clear the rubbish at his block daily.


Like the hardworking adults, the child never fails to show up at the foot of his block to greet them every day.

Has been greeting them for 6 months

The young boy’s neighbour, Ms Suri, told Stomp that she started noticing the heartwarming exchanges between the boy and the workers 6 months ago.

Accompanied by his aunt, the boy would say “Hi” to the workers whenever they stopped at Blk 758 Choa Chu Kang North 5.


He became emotional, however, when he returned to his usual routine on one particular day.

Couldn’t go when sick

According to Stomp, the boy had been sick for a week, and had missed seeing his heroes during that time.

Once he had recovered, he apparently started crying before going downstairs and returning to his daily affair.


Thankfully, he appeared to feel better the moment the SembCorp workers arrived.

He handed them some bread, perhaps as an apology for his week-long absence.

Lots of love in Choa Chu Kang

This isn’t the first of such incidents in Choa Chu Kang, where another boy caught residents’ attention for giving chocolates to a rubbish truck driver.


The affectionate toddler even gave them a flying kiss.

Towards a more gracious society

In our bid to be a more gracious society, the examples these young children set are signs of a promising future.

Perhaps the rest of us can learn from them too, and show more kindness towards the people around us.

Featured image adapted from Stomp.