Pregnant S’pore Woman Loses Job Offer After Medical Exam, Netizens Think Company Isn’t At Fault

Woman Allegedly Rejected By Company After Medical Exam Revealed She Was Pregnant

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful things in the world. However, bearing such a heavy responsibility comes with many inconveniences especially in a mother’s career.

One woman took to Facebook on Monday (6 May) to recount her experience of applying to a company.

Allegedly, she was already given a job offer — or so she thought. But then a medical examination revealed that she was pregnant and the company said that they couldn’t take her in.


Contract allegedly already signed

Initially, she received an email for a job interview and went for it. After the interview, she was told that the company was going to make an offer.

The next day, she went to the company’s office to sign the document. Unfortunately, the HR head and managing director were not present as they were on leave. This makes the contract invalid until they have signed it as well.

Up to this point, everything seems to be going smoothly for her. However, that was when everything went downhill.

Office not safe for pregnant women

After going for a medical examination, she found out that she was pregnant. As such, the company told her that she is no longer suitable for the position.

Apparently, the job has a very “steep staircase” and that is not safe for a pregnant woman.

She was also told that the company would be busy for the next few months and her pregnancy would affect her performance at work.

Though she offered to cut down her maternity leave, she was still rejected.

Company reiterates why she can’t join

Another meeting was arranged for her to meet a HR manager of the company as well as the woman who was present at the initial signing of her contract.

They reiterated why she couldn’t join the company and told her two reasons why her contract was invalid.

  1. Everyone involved hasn’t signed the contract
  2. She failed her medical checkup

In her Facebook post, she says that she feels mistreated and judged before even working a day in the company and asks for online advice.

Netizens mostly think the company isn’t at fault

Seeing this post strikes a chord in our hearts. After all, we all have mothers that we are eternally indebted to.

A netizen shared her sentiments. She believes that the company is full of excuses and the mother should find another company willing to hire her.


While we think that her predicament is unfortunate, a netizen tells us the other side of the story.

He uses an analogy to explain the practical decisions of the company.


Essentially, he explains that companies would not choose to hire pregnant individuals due to complications during pregnancy.

The pregnant mother even recognises this in her post.

She mentioned that she “won’t be able to find another job as a pregnant woman”. So it should be no surprise that the company rejected her after finding out she was pregnant.

Pregnancy laws apply only if you’ve worked for 3 months

Even though the government has laws that protect mothers, they only apply if they have worked there for at least 3 months. So it wouldn’t “change (her) circumstances” by filing a complaint.

However, we hope that she manages to find a job as we don’t know how badly she needs the income.

MS News wishes her all the best.

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