You Can Actually DIY Mushroom Bouquets For Practical S’porean Mums This Mother’s Day

Mushroom Bouquet For Mother’s Day

As the day to celebrate the efforts of our long-suffering mothers draws near, you and your siblings probably feel a little something like this.


You’ve tried everything in the books. Drawing a card by hand though you have no artistic talents to speak of. Taking her out for a nice dinner — you can’t drive so you brought her & the whole kampung there by bus.

But this year, you want to try something entirely different to make her day special.

You will try to make her a mushroom bouquet from scratch.

Mushrooms are a mum’s best friend

Maybe your mum isn’t a flowers person, and she also doesn’t love chocolates. She even thinks fried chicken is oily and unhealthy.

Well my friends, no kiasu mother in Singapore will say you’re wasting money on nutritious fungi in a bouquet.

Especially if it’s of her favourite variety.

Even if she doesn’t enjoy the smell of fresh mushrooms, that’s quite easily solved by simply dunking the entire bouquet in the steamboat you prepared in advance.


Alternatively, get a packet of Mala seasoning and fire up the old wok for a Mala feast with the family.

Mushrooms are a mum’s best friend

The DIY kit we found online costs S$17.90 from Mushroom Kingdom.

To put together your flourishing 250g mushroom bouquet, you’ll get to arrange these varieties:

  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Shimeji Mushrooms
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • White Button Mushrooms
  • Black Jelly Fungus

You’ll even get firm sponge to secure your satay sticks as you skewer each mushroom into place. Beautiful mother-appropriate packaging in pretty hues of pink will also be included for you to wrap up your masterpiece.

They’ve included a step-by-step guide on how to construct this tricky bouquet.


Hai Di Lao Hot Pot also seems to source their mushrooms from this very supplier, so you should rest assured that you will get quality & hygienic produce.

Happy mum, happy life

You can order your bouquet from here, for a fuss-free experience. Or simply come away from our article inspired to create your own.

But a word of caution to this tale, best not to present the bouquet while you’re actually eating at Hai Di Lao. Your eagle-eyed mum will want to know if you Avengers’ Assembled the mushrooms in the back kitchen as a last minute present.


In the end, what you present your mum with, matters less than the heart that you put into the gift.

She’s gonna love it either way. Just don’t forget to show a little extra love to her on 12 May.

Featured image from Mushroom Kingdom.

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