Golmangtae Pension Resembles A Princess Mononoke Village In Korea

Our 2020 travel plans may have gone down the drain due to Covid-19. But when this dark chapter ends, a possible travel destination is this inn in Korea that gives off major Studio Ghibli vibes.

Golmangtae Pension house seems to be a real-life Princess Mononoke village tucked away in the peaceful countryside of Kalmol in South Korea.


Though this has no magical creatures, long-time Studio Ghibli fans can spend their afternoons traversing through maze-like tea plantations, surrounded by vast rice fields and mystical forests.


Princess Mononoke village with maze-like hedges

Located in South Jeolla province, this hidden inn is famous for its green tea leaves. From afar, it seems like a series of miniature cottages amidst rows of hedges and lush greenery.


Their circular tea fields have been cultivated for the past 16 years. Fans of green tea-flavoured BBT may want to bookmark this destination to learn more about the root of their cravings.


As the seasons change, their gardens of narcissus, hydrangea, and chrysanthemum flowers also bloom interchangeably.


During the winter months, the nearby hillsides blanketed in pristine snow are an enchanting sight.


While Irontown only exists in fiction, we bet this destination rivals Hayao Miyazaki’s imagination.

Crypt for tasting tea

The pension house has a deep crypt dedicated to tasting tea that you won’t find anywhere else in Korea.

When you step inside, the temperature changes because they need a cool climate for the tea fermentation process.


Here, visitors are served with their very own green tea and makgeolli rice wine that’s brewed in the perfect climate.


They say the tea produced here is delicious without any hint of bitterness, so tea aficionados should add it in their bucket list.

Cosy cabin-like interior

Golmangtae Pension is composed of ten buildings that have a rustic log cabin interior.

The cosy beds are an ideal place for rest and soaking in the view through their large windows.


Each room has a flat-screen TV, a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, and free WiFi which should cover all your basic needs.


K-drama cuisine with homegrown ingredients

K-drama cuisine always makes us green with envy thanks to their abundant vegetables, spices, and side dishes.

Fortunately, it seems you can live out this food fantasy with these dishes made with their homegrown ingredients.


Just like in dramas, you can drown all your worries with makgeolli rice wine that’s fermented from their crypt.


Similar to our beloved samgyeopsal – grilled pork belly – you can combine the veggies with duck meat and let go of your diet plans.


Definitely in our Korea bucket list

At the moment, Singaporeans are not allowed to travel for leisure until the pandemic subsides.

But the declining number of Covid-19 cases in Korea and Singapore make us feel optimistic about the future.

In the meantime, you can head to Golmangtae Pension’s page on Booking.com and Airbnb. Prices start at S$104/night.

Address: 5-56 Nosan-gil, Boseong-eup, Boseong, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Check-in from: 2:00pm
Check-out until: 11:00pm
Website: Golmangtae Pension

Once the situation gets better, you can finally live out your Princess Mononoke fantasies while sipping authentic green tea and makgeolli.

Featured image from Airbnb