Ghibli Museum Videos Help Us Experience The Iconic Japanese Institution, Even Though We Can’t Travel There

Like most tourist destinations in the world, the Ghibli Museum in Japan was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, anime fans can now satisfy their boredom and wanderlust by watching their virtual tours on its YouTube Channel.

Since the Ghibli Museum follows a strict no-photography policy indoors, it’s the first time that most Studio Ghibli fans who have never visited can get an inside look at this beloved destination in Tokyo’s Mitaka district.


If you want to relive your memories of its iconic films, here’s a sneak peek into the museum.

First video of Ghibli Museum shows you through the main entrance

In the first video, the videographer approaches the building’s main entrance.

Long-time fans who gaze at the stained-glass door will recognise characters from My Neighbour Totoro, Mei and the Kittenbus, and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

From there, the videographer moves down a stairway adorned with stained-glass lamps.


Space of Wonder

The Space of Wonder Room features a ceiling that has an impressive mural of a bright sun shining through the roof, lighting up the swathes of vines and the floor.


If you look closely, you’ll also find miniature versions of characters from your favourite Studio Ghibli films.


Permanent exhibit room

Studio Ghibli’s permanent exhibit room depicts where movies are born and the magic happens.


Here, you’ll find sketches and props used in the production stage.


Women’s restroom

The restroom is rarely a noteworthy destination, but it’s a different case for the Ghibli Museum.

From its glass “doorway”, we can see the enchanted home from Kiki’s Delivery Service.


Once inside, you’ll notice that each cubicle (more like a small room) has unique wallpaper that could motivate you to take longer than usual to do your business.


Straw Hat Cafe

After a long fun-filled afternoon, many tourists like to take a break at the quaint Straw Hat Café.

While during normal times it’s quite crowded and can be challenging to find a table, the virtual tour allows you to see what’s it’s like to enjoy the cafe’s interior.

It features a fireplace and a view of the surrounding gardens that’ll make you feel like you’re dining inside a Ghibli movie.


Like most Japanese fare, the food is made with fresh organic ingredients. You can get an ice cream parfait, coffee, and cakes served on plates decorated with adorable characters.


Satisfy your lust for travel with Studio Ghibli

Armchair travellers, which most of us are at the moment, can visit Studio Ghibli’s YouTube channel to check out the virtual tours. We think that they’ll be uploading more videos, so don’t forget to subscribe.

Since Singaporeans, together with travellers from 110 other countries, are currently banned from entering Japan due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this seems to be the only way we can catch a glimpse of the Land of the Rising Sun for now.

We sincerely hope Singapore and Japan can overcome the virus soon, so we can head to the Ghibli Museum – as well as the Ghibli theme park that’s opening in 2022 – for real and fulfill our travel bucket list.

Featured image from YouTube and Flickr.