Pritam Singh Shares Childhood Photo, Explains Racial Harmony Begins With Friendships

Pritam Singh Childhood

Pritam Singh Shares Childhood Photo Commemorating Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day is one of the rare occasions we attend school in something other than our uniforms.

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From baju kurung to cheongsam, these traditional costumes allow us to understand the different cultures in Singapore.


To remember yesterday’s (21 Jul) occasion, Pritam Singh of Workers’ Party (WP) highlighted his belief that racial harmony is established through deep and lasting friendship, through an Instagram post.

Pritam Singh’s childhood experience

Motivated by how younger Singaporeans are increasingly concerned with the topic on race, the recently appointed Opposition Leader took time to share his own personal experience on Instagram.

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For WP’s chief Pritam Singh, he shared how his childhood friendship was an effortless process despite coming from different racial backgrounds.

Their friendship had also stood the test of time, lasting since their primary school days up till their university life.

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His personal experience led him to share his belief that such insightful conversations can easily take place through close friendships.

Encouraged by younger Singaporeans

Mr Singh also shared how he is heartened by the efforts of younger Singaporeans.

According to him, younger Singaporeans are stepping out of their comfort zones and are willing to tackle the touchy subject of race.

He believes that young Singaporeans are inspired to create a stronger and more united Singapore.

Sustaining a multiracial society

Mr Singh also warned that Singapore’s multiracial society cannot be undermined or underestimated.

But rather the government’s past and present efforts in sustaining our multiracial society should be preserved.

He also believes that such conversations on race is coming from a position of strength, and not weakness. For him, he views conversations on race as a cup half full, not empty.

A time to reflect on our actions & behaviour

In Singapore’s multiracial society, conversations on ethnicity and culture are often part and parcel of our daily lives.

We need to talk about how we shouldn’t be taking racial harmony for granted, and it is only with empathy and understanding that we can continue to preserve what we can.

Given the myriad of racial issues that cropped up of late, perhaps the timing of Racial Harmony Day couldn’t be better. It is a chance for us to reflect on our actions and behaviour, and how we can continue to cultivate a better Singapore for everyone.

We hope parents, educators and leaders continue to inspire such values in all. MS News wishes all Singaporeans Happy Racial Harmony Day.

Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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