Protect 377A Townhall Attracts Over 1,200 Attendees Who Want Govt To Preserve Traditional Marriages

Protect 377A Townhall Attracts Over 1,200 Attendees From All Walks Of Life

Just like the death penalty which has been garnering significant controversy, Section 377A of Singapore’s penal code is a polarising subject that divides many Singaporeans.

Though there are many who wish for its repeal, there are also those calling to preserve it.

Recently, some 1,200 individuals from the latter camp gathered for a ‘Protect Singapore Townhall’ in support of the preservation of 377A.

Source: Jason Wong on Facebook

Dubbing members of the other camp as an “intolerant, vocal minority”, the organisers said they will no longer be silent.

Protect 377A townhall featured ex-LGBT members

On Saturday (22 Jul) afternoon, Mr Mohamed Khair and Mr Jason Wong – presumably the organisers of the event – took to Facebook to acknowledge the 1,200 Singaporeans who attended the event, which took place at an undisclosed location and date.

Source: Jason Wong on Facebook

The crowd apparently comprised people from all walks of life, who gathered for the same agenda — to protect family, marriage, their freedom of conscience, and their children.

The pair shared that folks in favour of Section 377A have been “relatively restrained” by opposers whom they described as,

An intolerant, vocal minority that seeks to overturn the order in all areas of society.

Rather than engaging supporters “with good faith”, they claimed that those against 377A have been referring to them as “bigots” or “haters”.

Said they will no longer remain silent

Declaring that they “will be silent no more”, 377A supporters demonstrated their strength in numbers at the townhall.

Source: Jason Wong on Facebook

They made their intentions clear, which is for the Government to maintain the status quo. To them, in order to do that, Section 377A must remain.

They did, however, mention a condition that could make its repeal possible, which is when:

[T]here are adequate safeguards for our marriages, families and freedom of conscience. This includes enshrining man-woman marriage in the constitution.

Mr Khair and Mr Wong expressed their happiness with the large turnout, which they said included over a dozen former members of the local LGBT community. These individuals apparently shared their experiences during the event.

Originally on an invite-only basis, the pair claimed that the event had an overwhelming response. Hundreds of people ended up on a waitlist and Eventbrite even allegedly removed their listing five days prior.

Calling on fellow Singaporeans to join their cause, Mr Wong and Mr Khair said that keen parties can contact them at

Let’s engage in cordial discussions

Section 377A of our constitution will likely remain a touchy subject for the near future.

While it’s only natural for us to hold different views, it’s important not to let such issues divide our society. Rather than be at loggerheads with each other, we should have cordial discussions so we can arrive at a consensus.

Let’s hope that more constructive developments regarding this matter will emerge as time passes.

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Featured image adapted from Jason Wong on Facebook

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