Punggol BTO Looks Like A Siam Diu With Bar & Dance Studio, Skip Nights Out & Party At Home

Punggol BTO By Urban Home Design Looks Like A Siam Diu With Bar & Dance Studio

Thai nightclubs or siam dius are still closed in Singapore — a bummer for those who frequent the glitzy bars for their ‘live’ performances and blaring music.

Fortunately, one couple had the foresight to transform their Punggol BTO to look like the siam diu we’ve missed.


Interior design firm Urban Home Design completed the revamp with a mini dance studio and bar that would make party animals green with envy.

Let’s take a tour across this unique abode so you can see if a nightclub-inspired aesthetic matches the HDB flat of your dreams.

Vast entertainment spaces for homeowners & guests

A cosy dark look never goes out of style, so the homeowners opted for an all-black corridor and dining area. Much of the area is bare to create ample space for mahjong sessions or mini, safety-compliant gatherings.


Interestingly, the L-shaped dining area allows for enough seating space for dinners with the whole squad. We’re sure the downstairs neighbours will appreciate the absence of noisy chairs dragging across the floor.


Turn on the lights and you’ll find that the illumination perfectly contrasts with the paintings, making the area glow with a semi-orange hue.


According to Qanvast, the homeowners love to play card games with pals, so their dining table is also large enough to accommodate a full-sized gaming mat.


Retro bar makes Punggol BTO look like a siam diu

Of course, a siam diu is not complete without a retro bar for cocktails and wine.

Reminiscent of a disco, guests can chill at the counter basked in pink and yellow neon lights.


Apparently, the homeowner has a penchant for cocktail mixing. Hence, guests can press the bell on the counter if they require his services.

A transparent alcohol cabinet even makes it easy for guests to identify the available drinks on the house.


An array of chestnut-coloured cabinets ensure expansive storage space in the kitchen. Plus, the designers opted for pocket doors to minimise airborne dust.


Mini dance studio with projectors & floor lamps

Siam dius are known for their blaring music and enthusiastic performances.

Accentuating that, they have a mini dance studio with projectors and floor lamps since one of the homeowners is a pole dancer.


Eagle-eyed readers will notice that the area also functions as a home office with a work desk in the corner for streaming live music.

Cosy living space & futuristic study room

Out in the living room, the sparse furnishing and dark colours make the space feel like a cosy cocoon for homeowners to curl up in.


The same vibes are replicated in the study room, albeit with a futuristic setup for streaming games and working from home.


Omnicolour light panels light up the workspace, matching the nightclub theme while resembling the cyber cafés of our teenage years.


Minimalist master bedroom & bathroom with resort vibes

Make your way to the master bedroom and you’ll find a walk-in wardrobe and sleeping area. The owners wanted to combine minimalism with rustic aesthetics which reminded them of their trips to Bali.


Here’s a wider scope of the master bedroom, with wooden flooring and panelled shelves which create a relaxing atmosphere.


For a touch of nature, the master bathroom is adorned with indoor plants and tiles that mimic a stone design.


The common bathroom also follows a hotel-like vibe thanks to the lighted-up mirror and mermaid scale tiles.


Punggol BTO a siam diu entertainment space & homey getaway

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we’ve missed Bali hotels and siam dius. Yet, this space reminds us that we can design our homes based on places that we have heartwarming memories of.

Urban Home Design has definitely outdone themselves by turning this 5-room Northshore Drive flat into a hotel-like haven that can transform into a siam diu at night.

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Featured image adapted from Urban Home Design on Qanvast

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