Tiong Bahru HDB Looks Like A 5-Star Hotel Room So You’re Perpetually On Staycation

Idfferent Design Transforms 4-Room Tiong Bahru HDB Into A Premium Hotel Suite

Current travel restrictions are keeping people safe, but at the same time, they’re also spurring wanderlust among local globetrotters.

While the future of travel remains uncertain, consider transforming your home into a 5-star hotel room – especially if you have the budget – to evoke the feeling of a perpetual staycation.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

Thanks to Idfferent Design studio, you can live like royalty in a home that looks just like a hotel suite. Such a place exists in an extravagant Tiong Bahru HDB unit.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

The designers opted for a maximalist theme that transforms a normal HDB flat into a luxurious residence worthy of “The Great Gatsby” parties.

Open kitchen concept in Tiong Bahru HDB blends elegance & nature

We’re used to entering HDB units from the side as that’s usually where the main entrance is. But for this uniquely opulent abode, the main door is located in the centre of the flat.

The main door blends seamlessly into the wall on the left
Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

As you enter, you’re immediately ‘invited’ to a majestic space — the kitchen.

That’s because the kitchen in the back was relocated to the front. This change was made to adopt a wider, more open kitchen area.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

A blend of tropical and modern contemporary themes, the nature-inspired walls and towering branches provide the illusion of being on a tropical island.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

We certainly welcome this slight deviation from the original floor plan, if our dining and living rooms can look more spacious than usual.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

What sets this kitchen apart from most homes is the perfect combination of greenery amid an opulent setting.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

Nature lovers will appreciate the nice contrast of the grey walls and shelves with the glossy dark green bar and hanging shrubs.

Larger living room & dining room for wine gatherings

Nothing says luxury more than a large space for entertainment.

By hacking 2 bedrooms to create a larger area for the living room, dining room, and kitchen, Idfferent Design was able to produce a seamless social space for residents to entertain guests.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

With this plan, natural sunlight can trickle into the room through the extensive colonial style windows.

Since the balcony is directly connected to the living room, marvelling at the cityscape while sipping wine can become a relaxing daily activity.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

At first glance, you’ll notice this home has quite a posh living room with marble floors and coffee tables, as well as high, British colonial-style ceilings.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

A keen eye would notice a semi-camouflaged door to the left of the TV wall, which hides a cosy guest room. This sneaky hack allowed designers to retain the 3-bedroom feature of the flat.

Despite being in easy access, the smart design also offers enough privacy to guests staying over in the room.

All-white guest room & study room for a tranquil escape

Set foot in the guest room and you’ll find a world-class suite. The all-white walls, high ceilings, and stunning chandeliers evoke images of an atas staycation.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

With WFH becoming a norm, comfortable workspaces are key, and this one promises all the right aspects with a nifty hidden wall bed.

The bed effortlessly folds into the wall to maximise space
Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

From floor-to-ceiling windows for natural lighting to overhead and wall lamps for a softer glow, you’ll feel like you’re typing on your laptop while on a lavish getaway.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

Lush master bedroom for endless R&Rs

If you thought the guest room looked welcoming, wait till you see the master bedroom.

Walk down the long corridors and you’ll be fascinated by the seamless combination of distinct design concepts. Electric candle sconces light up the hallway while black and polka dot tiles resemble a refined carpet.

The corridor leads to the master bedroom & another bedroom at the back
Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

Recessed lights illuminate the ceiling and backdrop, so catching a bit of shut-eye will be a much easier affair, sans the typical harsh lighting.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

In place of an old storeroom that’s been hacked down is a shower area, separated by a solid glass wall that gives off resort-like vibes.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

The designers wanted to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe and vanity area inside the master bedroom to make it feel like a hotel, and they really delivered.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

Maximal luxury with minimal space

Turning a 4-room HDB flat into a 5-star hotel equivalent, the creative folks at Idfferent Design prove that making the most out of a small space is possible.

Rather than confining to a singular style, they’ve managed to integrate various concepts effortlessly to create a luxurious experience.

Here’s a look at the floor plans before the revamp.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

And here is how it looks like now after the IDfferent treatment.

Image courtesy of IDfferent Design

If you’d like to transform your humble home into a similarly lush getaway, you can get a free quote from the Idfferent Design team through their website.

They also share their work regularly on Facebook and Instagram, so follow them for more design inspos.

Tiong Bahru HDB a perpetual staycation location

Seeking an escape from the hectic urban life doesn’t have to entail regular research, bookings, or expenditure when you can transform your home into a permanent getaway.

Invest in a visionary design that’ll make your abode feel like a palace, so you’ll look forward to coming home every day.

Holidays will no longer be just once or twice a year, since you’ll feel like you’re on a perpetual staycation in your own HDB flat.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Idfferent Design.

Featured image courtesy of Idfferent Design.

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