This Resale HDB Flat Is A Marble Moroccan Suite With Stunning Geometric Windows & Corridors

Resale 3-Room HDB Flat Has Marbled Open Kitchen & Round Mosiac Windows

Most couples in Singapore don’t mind waiting tirelessly for their dream BTO flats, but there’s a road less travelled when it comes to attaining one — settling for a resale home.

Thanks to Fatema Design Studio, Mr Noor’s 3-room HDB apartment now looks like the lavish abode of Moroccan royalty for the total budget of $85,000.


Nifty design choices and the clever decision to buy the corridor space have truly elevated this resale flat to its full potential.


We breakdown the inspired design so you can kope some styling tips and ideas for your future homes.

Vast corridor space leading to home theatre living room

To create an elegant pathway towards their living room, the designers re-tiled the corridor space outside the home.

An initially crooked false ceiling beam was then straightened after round minimalist lights with a white paint finish were added.


Open-concept windows were installed to preserve the integrity of panoramic views of the estate.


This led up to a massive viewing frame for a flat screen TV to culminate in a gorgeous home theatre in the living room.

Semi-open kitchen with marble island counter

One of the drawbacks of an open kitchen concept, is that cooking smells & stains may permeate the rest of the household, without proper measures in place to mitigate this.


The team devised an elegant solution to this by building invisible wooden panel doors that can blend in seamlessly into the kitchen ‘wall’.


We’re also floored by the vast island countertop they managed to fit into the kitchen as a centrepiece, despite limited space to work with.


A white and gold marbling finish certainly fits the theme, adding a touch of luxury to the serving area.

Round geometric Moroccan windows let in natural light

We head onto the master bedroom, where the designer still has a few tricks in store.

Recall the round geometric Moroccan window we spotted along the corridor? The stunning mosiac design doesn’t just serve as ‘art’ to beautify the room — the window lets in natural sunlight as well.


As night falls, the room can still be gently lit if the corridor lights are left on.


The mounted flatscreen TV in this bedroom also shares a space with the living room’s home theatre screen. Perfect for snuggling in bed for a late-night Netflix movie screening.

Rain shower with a tiled mosiac wall

For the ‘throne’ room, we’ll give a shoutout to the tiled wall within the shower — a stunning geometric mosiac in gentle hues of brown, blue & black.


The mini-rain showerhead lets you go hands-free when you bathe, and it’s interesting to see how they concealed the water pipes using the mosiac’s design.


Is your flat’s corridor space eligible for purchase?

You’re probably wondering if you can buy the corridor space outside the HDB flat you’re eyeing too.


The option to buy the corridor space outside one’s HDB flat is available to every potential corner flat owner, if the space meets the following conditions:

  • Won’t hinder design, access, fire safety & ventilation of building
  • No gas pipes, water meters & electrical ducts
  • Doesn’t fall under these exceptions listed on site

Cost $85k in total to renovate

So what does it cost to live like Moroccan royalty? The design studio shares that the total renovation cost for this particular resale flat amounted to S$85,000.


A netizen was in disbelief about the cost. Considering the amount of “masonry work”, “carpentry” and “marbling”, he’d seen other renovation studios do less work for a higher price.


You can DM the studio directly here on Facebook if you’re interested in a quote, or have any further queries.

A home is where you make it

By reinventing Mr Noor’s apartment within a tight budget, Fatema Design Studio has proven that you can make the most out of the home you’ve purchased.


3-room HDB flats are truly a viable option for smaller families, and with a stroke of genius and hardwork, you can even transform yours into an affordable suite fit for royalty.

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Featured image from Fatema Design Studio on Facebook.

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