Man Finds Puppy Stuck Under Car After Travelling 50km, Family Decides To Adopt It

Puppy Found Stuck Under Car In Kaeng Krachan, Thailand

Those thinking of adopting a pet would typically head to an animal shelter.

And surely, we can all agree that the undercarriage of a car is one of the last places we’d look.


Recently, however, a man from Thailand found a puppy stuck underneath his car after driving for more than 50km.

Though the encounter was rather unexpected, the man and his family eventually decided to adopt it.


You can read about the unlikely encounter here. As the post is in Thai, we’ve also translated it to English and summarised it after the jump.

Puppy found stuck underneath car in Thailand

According to the post, the man had driven for about 50km before stopping at a coffee shop in Kaeng Krachan of Phetchaburi province — around 163km southwest of Bangkok.

Strangely enough, someone reportedly saw something unusual dangling from underneath the man’s car and promptly notified him about it.

As he bent down to examine, the man found a smol beige puppy stuck under his car.


Thankfully, the man later managed to safely ‘extract’ the dog from the undercarriage.

With its innocent gaze, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the man’s family was immediately smitten.


Man & his family decide to adopt it

Seeing how fate had somehow found a way to intertwine their lives under such unlikely circumstances, the man and his family members decided to adopt the puppy.


The puppy wasn’t just showered with love but also with a refreshing jet of water by its new family.


Even the family’s dog took to the puppy immediately as it welcomed the latest furkid to the house.


After a long day and a whirlwind of events, the puppy found itself with a shelter over its head, a loving family, and a new toy too.


Hope puppy has a happy life ahead

Though fate and its workings can be quite the enigma, we can’t help but be awed by how it brings people – in this case a puppy and its owners – together.

We hope the puppy will lead a happy and pawsome life with its newfound family.

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