Qi Ji Has 10% Surcharge For CNY, Eatery Cites Reduced Manpower Availability

Qi Ji Imposes 10% Surcharge For CNY Period Due To Manpower Shortage

On Monday (29 Jan), a Facebook post about local restaurant chain Qi Ji imposing a 10% surcharge over the Chinese New Year (CNY) period sparked some debate online.

While the OP was unhappy with the surcharge, many thought it was reasonable in light of staff working during the holidays.

Addressing the post, Qi Ji clarified that the surcharge is due to reduced manpower.

Qi Ji imposes 10% CNY surcharge on diners

In the Complaint Singapore Unrestricted Facebook post, the OP had some scathing words for Qi Ji over its 10% CNY surcharge.

Source: Facebook

They posted a picture of what was presumably a sign at one of the eatery’s outlets informing diners of the surcharge.

“We would like to inform you that there will be a 10% festive surcharge from 9 to 12 February 2024,” the notice reads.

The OP did not take this well.

“You might as well close for CNY,” they scoffed in their caption. “No big deal, there are better Nasi Lemaks (sic) around!”

Netizens say surcharge is justified

The post has since gained quite a few comments, with most users taking a more sympathetic view of the situation.

They pointed out that Qi Ji’s staff would be working throughout the CNY period. Thus, they deserve incentives for their hard work.

Source: Facebook

Others noted that coffee shops have similar surcharges.

Source: Facebook

Surcharge is due to reduced manpower availability

Speaking to MS News, a spokesman for Qi Ji clarified the reasons for the surcharge.

“It is genuinely not our intention to take advantage of the festive period by implementing a 10% CNY surcharge,” he said.

As correctly identified by some comments, manpower availability will be significantly reduced over CNY.

Qi Ji will be paying “additional monetary incentives beyond regulations” to service staff for missing out on the festivities.

“We hope by notifying early, we allow customers to make informed decisions and seek their kind understanding and continued support,” the spokesman said.

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Featured image adapted from Qi Ji Singapore on Facebook and Complaint Singapore Unrestricted on Facebook.

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