Raeesah Khan Says Baby Was Kicking During MP Swearing-In, Netizens Send Congrats To Her

Raeesah Khan Reveals Baby Was Kicking During MP Swearing-In, It Will Be Her 2nd Child

On Monday (24 Aug), the 14th Parliament of Singapore officially opened, and the new Members of Parliament were sworn in.

For Sengkang MP Raeesah Khan, it must have been a happy moment, as it’s the culmination of a hard-fought election campaign that had its share of troublesome moments.

It turns out that the swearing-in wasn’t the only happy moment in recent times for Ms Khan — she revealed on the same day that she’s pregnant!


Raeesah Khan reveals pregnancy over Instagram

It seems like Ms Khan really knows when you pick her moments. She took a breezy photo outside Parliament House, looking fresh as a daisy in a flowy blue outfit, and posted it on Instagram.

Nobody would have been the wiser about her pregnancy if not for her caption:

Baby was viciously kicking while I was swearing in so I think they’re ready for parliament too!

So yes, she’s pregnant, and her baby was kicking her as she was being sworn in as an MP.

Wonder if any other MP has the distinction of being sworn in while pregnant?

Baby will be her 2nd child

Of course, this isn’t the 1st time Ms Khan has gotten pregnant.

She and her husband, Mr Mahadhir Caffoor, have another child together.

The couple got married in 2018.


Their son Raees was born about a year later in 2019.

One of the things that appealed to Sengkang voters was that her winning Workers’ Party team were all parents of young children and could connect with the residents, many of whom are also young parents.


Netizens congratulate her

In response to her happy announcement, netizens sent their congratulations to Ms Khan.

One even dispensed baby advice, telling her not to take raw fish or prawn.


Another netizen, probably in jest, said her baby is a future voice for the WP.


Responding to the news that the baby was kicking her, a netizen suggested that he or she was just thrilled to be part of Parliament, as the mother surely was.


WP MPs took group photo

Of course, Ms Khan wasn’t the only WP MP who went trigger-happy outside Parliament House today.

The 10 new MPs from the WP also took a group photo outside the building.


Ms Khan’s husband also got in on the action, taking a group with the spouses and partners of the MPs.


Life’s getting interesting

With a new role in Parliament and a new Parliament baby on the way, looks like life’s about to get much more interesting – and busy – for Ms Khan.

She hasn’t revealed the gender of the baby yet, and when she does we’ll be right here breaking the news to you.

We congratulate Ms Khan on her baby, and hope it comes out healthy and happy!

Featured images adapted from Instagram.

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