Ramiza Dam Briyani Gets Food Hygiene Grade Downgraded

Food stalls have to adhere to stringent hygiene standards to ensure customers’ safety. However, there are lapses from time to time.

Back in January this year, 52 people suffered food poisoning symptoms after eating food from Ramiza Dam Briyani at Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre.


On 30 Jul, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) downgraded the stall’s food hygiene grade from ‘B’ to ‘C’, citing several hygiene lapses.

52 suffer food poisoning after eating at Ramiza Dam Briyani

SFA said that 52 persons reported gastroenteritis symptoms after they ate food from Ramiza Dam Briyani on 31 Jan.

The stall is located at Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre and attracts crowds on a regular basis.

geylang serai briyani stallSource

Thankfully, none of the cases required hospitalisation.

Ramiza Dam Briyani hygiene grade downgraded

Nonetheless, SFA and the Ministry of Health (MOH) acted immediately, conducting a joint inspection of the stall on 3 Feb.

During the inspection, several hygiene lapses were identified.

Following the hygiene lapses, SFA is taking enforcement action against Ramiza Dam Briyani.

With effect from Friday (30 Jul), SFA has downgraded the stall’s food hygiene grade from ‘B’ to ‘C’.

The stall will be kept under surveillance and their food hygiene grade will be reviewed again in 12 months.

Adhere to food hygiene and safety processes

SFA reminds all food operators to adhere to good food hygiene and safety processes.

They urge all staff – as well as the public – to adopt good hygiene practices like washing their hands before handling food.

This will greatly reduce the risks of food poisoning.

Hope stall takes necessary steps to improve food hygiene

Food operators are entrusted with the responsibility of preparing food safely and cleanly.

And food hygiene is all the more important in the midst of a pandemic.

Hopefully, after this incident, the briyani stall will take the necessary steps to improve on this and safeguard the health of their customers.

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