Raybe Oh Says She’s ‘Too Unfilial’ As Mother Prayed To Exchange Life For Hers

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Raybe Oh Says She Broke Parents’ Hearts, Wants To Bring Mother Travelling

Since a 2021 car accident in Tanjong Pagar took her fiancé’s life and seriously injured her, Ms Raybe Oh has been candidly sharing her thoughts on the incident.

While she gained plaudits for rushing into the blazing car to save her fiancé, she said her actions broke her parents’ hearts.

As she lay in hospital after suffering burns on 80% of her body, she revealed that her mother prayed to Guanyin to exchange her life for her daughter’s.

Source: @raybeohhhh on Instagram

This made her reconsider her attitude towards her family in the past, describing herself as “too unfilial”.

Raybe Oh wasn’t particularly close to family

Ms Oh was in a pensive mood as she penned a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday (18 Jun).

She shared that she wasn’t particularly close to her family in the past.

Even though she loved them, she never confided in them — especially not bad news.

She also used to think she was fulfilling her filial duties by not asking her parents for money and occasionally taking them out to eat.

Raybe Oh asked paramedics not to inform family

That, however, changed after that fateful day of the crash — 13 Feb 2021.

Thinking her injuries were minor, Ms Oh revealed that before she blacked out, she remembered asking the paramedics not to inform her family.

Source: Smi Smi on Facebook

She lamented that her “willfulness and irresponsibility” broke her parents’ hearts on that day.

Raybe Oh’s mother in tears as she waited in hospital

When Ms Oh woke up, she felt indescribable pain.

As she remembered what had happened, she saw her mother waving to her from outside the ward, wiping her tears away.

At this point, she wasn’t sure how many days her mother had been waiting.

When her mother entered the room, she touched her feet gingerly, as that was the only part of her body not bandaged.

It was a “warmth (she) had never felt before”, Ms Oh said.

In an Instagram story posted in Dec, she said her mother was “crying a lot” during her four months of hospitalisation after the crash.

She also said in another Instagram story that though she doesn’t regret trying to save her fiancé, she did feel sorry for her family for putting them through so much pain.

Source: @raybeohhhh on Instagram

Raybe Oh’s mother prayed to exchange her life for hers

Apparently, her mother was in such pain that she prayed for her at the Kwang Im Thong Hood Cho Temple along Waterloo Street.

Ms Oh’s mother told her that after the accident, she told the goddess Guanyin that she was willing to exchange her life for her daughter’s.

However, she asked Guanyin to give her three years so she could take care of Ms Oh till she recovers, then she could be taken away.

Source: Willy Tan on Flickr

With that, Ms Oh seemingly had an awakening, saying sadly,

I am too unfilial already. Too unfilial.

Raybe Oh’s mother made sacrifices for her

Clearly thinking of her mother’s sacrifices, Ms Oh attached a video of herself singing in a competition on Channel 8.

In the clip, she mentioned that her mother woke up at 1am to make noodles for her after she came home, knowing she was ill. She also prepared her medicine.

Thus, she wanted to thank her mum, as well as her dad.

Source: @raybeohhhh on Instagram

In fact, she told the judges that she wanted to take part in the competition because of her parents.

That’s because she felt she’s never done anything they can be proud of.

Raybe Oh wants to start afresh

Now that she’s on the road to recovery, Ms Oh can’t wait to get better fast.

This is so that she can be a responsible daughter and sister and not let her family worry anymore.

She intends to work hard to make them enjoy their lives and pleaded with Guanyin not to fulfil her mother’s wish to exchange their lives.

She wants the opportunity to be truly filial and bring her mother to all the places she wants to go.

In a previous Instagram story, Ms Oh had expressed a similar desire, saying this would be the first thing she does when she completely recovered.

Source: @raybeohhhh on Instagram

Ultimately, she wants to show her mother that though she may not be like before, she can still live well and take care of herself.

Raybe Oh isn’t unfilial, makes parents proud

Ms Oh’s touching statement has actually proven herself wrong — she’s not unfilial and is in fact a very good daughter.

While she may think her parents aren’t proud of her, we think she’s also incorrect on that count — her courage, strong spirit and resolve to start afresh after a traumatic accident would have already made them proud.

Hopefully, she recovers completely very soon and can start fulfilling her mother’s travel dreams.

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Featured image adapted from @raybeohhhh on Instagram.

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