Car Reverses At Busy Braddell Road To Take Different Route, Netizens Criticise Risky Move

Driver Reverses Car At Braddell Road After Taking The Wrong Lane

Many motorists have probably had their fair share of encounters with irresponsible road users. However, one peculiar incident was particularly infuriating for many.

On Tuesday (6 Jul) afternoon, Facebook user Dzulkarnean Mosbah shared footage of a red car seemingly trying to get out of entering an expressway near Braddell Road.


While the clip on Facebook is only 47 seconds long, Dzulkarnean told MS News that the entire recording lasted around 5 minutes. This meant that the car likely obstructed traffic for a significant amount of time.

Red car stops & tries to reverse along busy Braddell Road

Speaking to MS News, Dzulkarnean shared that he had initially planned to take photos of the sky, which was a hobby of his. However, the red car caught his attention instead.

When he first saw the car at a stop in the middle of the busy road, he thought that it had broken down. But upon continued observation, he realised that the driver was trying to reverse.

Worried that an accident might happen, he decided to record it for proof.

A netizen who claimed to be at the scene when this happened commented that many drivers were honking at the red car.


The clip also showed that the car only managed to successfully reverse after a trailer kindly stopped to provide ample space.


According to Dzulkarnean, the location of the incident was somewhere along Braddell Road, heading towards the Lornie Highway.

Image courtesy of Dzulkarnean Mosbah

Had the driver kept to the lane, they would have eventually entered the Lornie Highway leading to Adam Road or the PIE.

Netizens unamused by driver’s reckless actions

Evidently concerned that an accident could’ve happened, many netizens took to the comments section to express their disapproval of the driver’s actions.

Many deemed it reckless as the driver could have placed other road users’ safety at risk.


Dzulkarnean echoed their sentiments, telling MS News that, “No matter the reason, he or she should just go forward and take another exit. By doing this, bad things will happen.”

Always practise responsible driving

Whatever reason the driver had, reversing along a busy road is unnecessary and dangerous for other road users. Had others failed to stop their vehicles in time, an accident could have easily happened.

We hope the driver will be more careful on the road and make more calculated decisions in the future.

Certainly, this serves as a lesson for other road users to be considerate too.

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Featured image adapted from Dzulkarnean Mosbah on Facebook

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