Redhill Overhead Bridge Railing Filled With Red Ants, Prompts Concern For Elderly Residents

Red Ants Take Over Only One Side Of Redhill Overhead Bridge, Residents Warn One Another To Avoid Them

Most people hate bugs, that’s why they try to keep them out of their homes.

However, we can’t avoid them in public places — especially when they’re horrifyingly numerous.

Pity, then, the residents of Redhill who have seen red ants take over a railing in an overhead bridge.

There’s concern that elderly residents could get bitten.

Overhead bridge is across Lower Delta Road

The affected overhead bridge is located across Lower Delta Road, reported Shin Min Daily News.

It links Block 129 Bukit Merah View and Block 25B, Jalan Membina.

Source: Google Maps

According to photos sent in by readers, what appears to be thousands of huge red ants are clumped together on the railing.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Red ants keep to one side of Redhill overhead bridge

However, when Shin Min checked out the bridge at 8pm last Thursday (29 Dec), they noticed that the ants were remarkably only on one side of the railing.

Thus, they can be avoided by simply walking towards the other side, as some people did.

Nevertheless, the insects covered their territory such that any unsuspecting bridge user who puts their hand on the railing would be immediately swarmed by them.

More red ants on Redhill bridge in the morning: Resident

According to residents, the red ants crawl on the railing day and night.

However, 62-year-old Ms Lim said that she spots more of them at around 7-8am.

A retiree in her 60s named only as Ms Lee said she noticed the ants just last week despite living in the area for more than 20 years.

Now, they make her skin crawl and she doesn’t dare to touch the railing.

Concern for elderly residents in the area

Residents noted that the bridge connects two housing estates where many elderly people live.

It also leads to bus stops on both sides, increasing the chances of people using the crossing.

As there are no lifts at either end, older people would likely hold on to the railings as they climb up.

Source: Google Maps

Mr Lee, a member of the public in his 40s who was visiting relatives, was concerned that elderly folks who would need to hold on to the railing wouldn’t notice the ants until it’s too late.

Then, they might get a shock or worse, bitten.

That’s why 48-year-old resident Ms Liu, who works odd jobs, was seen reminding people not to touch the railing.

Saying that she forgets herself, she added that it’s better for residents to remind one another.

Ants will leave tree if habitat is destroyed: Expert

A pest control expert interviewed by Shin Min said that ants usually live in trees.

They’ll only leave when their habitat is destroyed or to look for food — bringing up the possibility that a tree nearby may have been felled.

Ants also have a defensive mindset and will attack when they feel threatened.

Thus, the public is advised to avoid coming into contact with red ants.

He also said red ants in Singapore are generally not poisonous, but some may experience itchy rashes after being bitten.

They just need to soothe the itchiness by neutralising the acidic venom with soap or other alkaline liquids.

Those who’re allergic should seek medical attention

A doctor noted that those who’re allergic to red ant bites will experience redness and swelling in the affected area and their eyes.

They may also have difficulty breathing.

These people should seek medical attention immediately.

However, red ant bites aren’t life-threatening to most people.

Those who’re bitten should just wash the area with soap or apply ointment. If the wound isn’t treated properly, it may become inflamed due to bacterial infection, he warned.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Shin Min Daily News.

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